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Mayra Cardi and Arthur Aguiar are caught together in a shopping mall in São Paulo


Fitness coach gives R $ 300,000 gift to daughter, Sophia: ‘As if it were Disneyland’

In an interview with journalist Leo Dias, Mayra Cardi said what will be the gift given by her to Sophia: a mini. “I spent over R $ 300 thousand. It’s like Disneyland, with several houses, school, beauty salon, petshop …”, he said. She also commented on the celebration: “Only people from the family, my family and, of course, Arthur’s family, will go. Only the most intimate, even because of the coronavirus, could not do otherwise”. On the menu of the party, it seems, it will be like Sophia’s first birthday: foods without lactose, gluten and sugar. While participating in the “Tô na Pan” program recently, she said that she does not offer people at her events any food that she also does not eat, such as soda.

Mayra Cardi’s daughter has undiagnosed bowel disease: ‘I thought she was going to die of pain’

This week, Mayra Cardi shared with her followers the tense moment she spent with Sophia. The girl was sick with pain in her stomach and had to be taken to the hospital. “I am finished, I spent the day in the hospital. Sophia has something, that we still don’t know what it is, since she was little”, she highlighted. “Sophia had a crisis, I thought she was going to die of pain. It was a colic that made her sweat with so much pain. She screamed. I almost died! We went to the hospital, did an x-ray … She had to take some things to leave everything that was inside it. We are now checking everything with the doctor “, commented the life coach, who suspects the origin of the problem. According to her, when she was eight months pregnant, she had a serious allergy that needed to be treated with medication. “I had to take corticosteroids for 30 days. Just when I was seven to eight months pregnant, which is when the baby’s intestine starts to form,” he explained.


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