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New York Mayor Bill de Blasio recommended that New Yorkers not travel at a time when cases of the COVID-19 They have resurfaced throughout the country and he warned that if they do, they will have to serve quarantine upon their return to the state.

“Do not travel to a state with a high infection rateDo not travel to a country with a high infection rate, because you could catch it, endanger families and bring the spread to New York, “he said during his daily press conference on the virus.

Family parties

“It’s also clear that being connected to each other across the country, across the world, creates a real challenge,” he said. De Blasio said he was aware that this festive season – with the Thanksgiving and Christmas Day– it is a time when you want to visit family and other loved ones.

But, he also warned, “it is the year in which we have to do things differently because we see that the level of infection increases throughout the country, throughout the world” and “it will be hard” to make a decision. De Blasio also indicated that the city will increase the application of travel guidelines, which require that those who come to this city from high-risk states, go through a two week quarantine.

Tighter measures

“It’s tough and painful. Hopefully this will be the only Christmas season that will be affected by this horrible disease“, said the mayor and asked the federal government to tighten the rules for those who travel by plane, demanding that they prove that they tested negative for the virus at least 72 hours before their flight, both domestic and international passengers.

“A federal mandate that says that no one can travel by airplane unless you can prove that you have had a recent negative test result it will keep us all safe, “he said.

“We know that tests have made a difference“He said at his press conference. De Blasio also asked New Yorkers who can donate blood to step up as the city’s Blood Bank reserves have shrunk.



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