Maxine is Nvidia’s new video calling platform

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Zoom, Meet, Skype and the list goes on. All the most popular applications and video calling platforms have become especially relevant in times of pandemic and we do not imagine that things will change in the short to medium term future. But with important news and improvements, Nvidia presents Nvidia Maxine: its own video calling service.

Unlike its main competitors, Nvidia does not only offer a new interface and some other details that distinguish it. It is not about more customization options or a more intuitive UI but about real and concrete improvements that Maxine offers to improve the quality of the video call service worldwide.

Nvidia Maxine details

Currently, the Maxine platform is in the stage of early access but the preliminary version certainly shows promise. It is a cloud-based platform with access to servers that have graphics processors and algorithms based on artificial intelligence that allow all the features that we will review below.

To start with: image quality. With Nvidia Maxine we can finally have video calls in 720p or HD + quality. And it’s not just the overall image quality, but with the use of artificial intelligence Maxine can align faces and faces so that they are facing the camera, as well as focus them appropriately when they are.

The faces will light up according to the shading around them so that they are always visible; so no more cloudy weather that changes the coloration of the image and darkens our faces.

Noise will not be able to intrude on our conversations either, as Maxine detects the sound sources furthest from the microphone and suppresses them completely, making the video call improve its quality significantly.

Nvidia presents Nvidia Maxine with other very interesting details such as the ability to translate our voice in real time and display subtitles for listeners in the desired language, the possibility of transforming our image backgrounds into elegant and bombastic designs and also modifying our face for our preferred virtual reality pet.

Via: The Verge


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