Maxi Espíndola and Agustín Bernasconi are MYA: a story that goes from Córdoba and Tucumán to the major leagues of Latin pop

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Your participation in Dreaming of singing It opened the doors to the Cris Morena universe, the springboard that united them with stars like Pedro Capó, Abraham Mateo and Mau and Ricky.

Cris Morena’s productions have always functioned as a hotbed of artists. From Agustina Cherri, through Benjamín Rojas, to Lali Espósito they owe a large part of their career to the entertainment entrepreneur, who gave them the first massive opportunity to demonstrate their talent. That is also the case with Maxi Espíndola Y Agustin Bernasconi, who left their home provinces to be part of Allies, a fiction that, although it was far from achieving the success of Almost angels The Chiquititas, opened a great door to the universe of music, which they entered as the duo MyA.

The two, Bernasconi from Córdoba and Espíndola in Tucumán they always dreamed of dedicating themselves to music. “When I was four years old, I already started singing plays. In family gatherings with my father we would take out the guitar and sing, at my mother’s house as well. says the tucumano in a video call with Clarion.

“I was like 9 or 10 when I started. I sang in the school choir and there the teacher told my old people to take me to sing because it was obvious that I had conditions. I started with guitar lessons and then I also started singing. School, family barbecues are the first stages where one begins to hold his hand a little bit, and it is those things that make one realize that what we live on stage is beautiful, “says the man from Cordoba.

Both decided to try their luck in the musical competition Dreaming of singing, the reality show that led Mariano Iúdica by El Trece in 2012, who toured the country in search of talents. Although neither of them managed to win the contest, they conquered Cris Morena, who summoned them to be part of Allies, fiction in which he also worked Oriana Sabatini Y Julian Serrano.

“It was a surprise for both of us. We were very surprised by Cris’s call to participate in the workshops of Allies. One always hopes that when you participate in these highly regarded contests, new opportunities will be created. But Cris Morena, I think that for all young artists it is like a great dream very, very far away. Or at least it is for us, in the provinces, “says Maxi.

The fiction forged a great friendship between them. Besides acting, they began to share an apartment and to make songs together. They had a connection that is palpable every time they answer a question. They never step on each other and they always speak in the plural. You already know exactly what the other thinks about all kinds of topics.

As they spent the days together, with work, home and passion in common, they recorded covering different singles and wrote their own songs. The result was MYA, a duo that rubs shoulders with the most important international artists of Latin music.

“It was not born from one day to the next. All the time there was music around us and each time we felt better singing together. There were many things that were gestating the relationship, and three years ago we said: ‘Well let’s give it a title and go as a full duo“recalls Espíndola.

The group, who received his first nomination at the 2020 Gardel Awards for his album Today for Best Pop Album, proposes a fusion of latin rhythms. Maxi was always interested in these genres but Agustín started with native songs from Argentina and little by little he made the transition.

“I always sang folklore. Within the genre there are different styles, and I was linked to the melodic, like Los Nocheros. When I came to Buenos Aires, I had to get into pop, in the ballad. Having met Maxi, who came from that style, helped me get into the wave, “he completes.

The group managed to cross borders in a very short time, thanks to the collaborations they made with established artists. First it was a song with Mau and Ricky titled One and a thousand times, then I will forget you, with Pedro Capó, the author of Calm, which exceeded 62 million views, released Crazy for You with Abraham Mateo, Y 4 months with the spanish group Dvicio, among others.

“Three or four years ago, Latin music took on an incredible role throughout the world; before it was the other way around. We listened to a lot of music in English and we wanted to go that way. Now, Latin music is dominating everything and I love it because of the Spanish language ”, analyzes Agustín.

With this impulse of the genre and against other groups, Espíndola and Bernasconi managed to delineate an international career from where they seek to consolidate their space in Argentina.

“We have been wanting to plant another little seed in Argentina for a while with Agus. Although it is a work that is given as the songs come out and it is a bit organic, there are many artists with whom we are in contact. We want to make songs with Argentine artists so that the movement grows, beyond our project. We are very excited that Argentine artists are growing together, ”confesses Espíndola.

And Bernasconi adds: “I think we grew step by step. You always dream a lot. In our case we wanted a lot of people to listen to our songs, to be able to do big shows … But we were always aware that it is a very long road, that you have to go slowly and that things are happening little by little ”.

While they dream of a Lunar Park or perhaps filling the River Plate stadium; Or imagine sharing a collaboration with J Balvin, Sech The Abel Pintos, the group has just released a new theme: 2:50.


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