Max Verstappen crashed last weekend with Lance Stroll in the second free practice of the Portuguese GP. The Red Bull driver collapsed into racist comments after the situation.

Verstappen tried to overtake Stroll, but he ran out of space in the opening bend. Stroll’s car got stuck in the sand, while an angry Dutchman slipped to the depot.

Verstappen, known as a harsh word, was very indignant about the situation and raged in the team radio in an inappropriate way.

– Is this type of fucking blind? What the fuck is bothering him? Jesus, Verstappen cursed.

– What’s left behind. I have (in the car) damage. What a Mongol.

You can look at the situation here.

Calling the survivor is offensive in itself, but the word “Mongol” used by Verstappen also has a malicious dual meaning. The dual meaning dates back to the 1860s, when John Langdon Down study Down syndrome.

Down began to divide his patients into categories and found that one group had similar facial features. He wrote in his notes “a large proportion of innate idiots are typical Mongoloids.”

Down syndrome came to be called Mongolism. The appointment was valid for decades, although several scholars questioned race theory.

Mongolia complained to the World Health Organization in 1965, saying the term was offensive. The term Down syndrome was not introduced until the 1960s, that is, after the invention of a word that offended a hundred years.

No punishment

Verstappen angered the Mongol population with his own indifference.

– It’s not my problem, he said.

Director of Mongol Identity Uuganaa Ramsay published a letter in which he said he was disappointed with Verstappen’s use of language.

– We want to express how much we are angered and worried that Mongolia will be used as hate speech. we are shocked and disappointed that the F1 series did not rise up against this stigma despite its historical weight.

– We demand a public apology for respect, humanity and compassion for the vulnerable members of society.

If the tweet is not visible, you can look its here.

The F1 series examined the situation of Verstappen and Stroll. The jury interviewed both drivers, but found no further action required. The investigation was about driving, not racist comment.

According to Verstappen has used the offensive term before. He called the FIA ​​judge Garry Connollya with that word 2017. At the time, the driver said he didn’t want to offend anyone.

The F1 series is running an anti-racism We Race As One campaign. At Lewis Hamilton’s initiative, some drivers will also kneel before the race to defend the rights of dark-skinned people.