Maurizio Pintocchi: Antonio Conte was first to be knocked at the door by KNVB

Maurizio Pintocchi confirms that Antonio Conte was also approached by the KNVB in order to be appointed as the Dutch national coach. According to an Italian sports journalist with more than 150,000 Twitter followers, the Dutch football association called Antonio Conte to inquire about his potential position as Orange’s national coach. However, they were informed in Zeist that Conte would prefer to work as a club trainer. The rest is history. Conte, 51 years old, was Italy’s national coach between 2014-2016 and has been unemployed since May 31st.

Many trainers were considered for the role of national coach after the defeat of the Dutch national team in the European Championship. Conte’s name was also dropped. After a dispute with Internazionale’s management, Conte was crowned champion. i Nerazzurri. However, Conte’s entry was immediately viewed as a utopia by some analysts, partly due to De Boer’s annual gross income of 1.2 million euros.

“Josep Guardiola, who earns thirteen million euros net at Manchester City, at De Boer it was 1.2 million gross. Don’t worry. Conte was also mentioned. He found eight million euro net less at Tottenham Hotspur,” Mike Verweij, journalist, referred to failed talks between the Italians and the Londoners. “I saw Arsene Wenger pass by: he has an advisory role at FIFA, 2.5 million euros net. And Joachim Löw earns four million euros net at the German Football Association. I don’t know if everyone who plays football themselves wants to pay three times the contribution… of course it’s just not possible.”

Valentijn Driensen said that the Orange is not appealing to foreign coaches. “We all love the Dutch national team, of course, it’s the signboard”, said the football chief of The TelegraphOn. “Of course it is for us too, but those foreigners look at it differently. Zinedine Zidane doesn’t like Nico-Jan Hoogma, director of top football at the KNVB.), who could report.”

Louis van Gaal is almost certain to begin his third term in the role of national coach for the Dutch national team. Van Gaal was the previous national coach of the Dutch national team between 2000 and 2002. His tenure ended in defeat at the World Cups held in South Korea (Japan) and South Korea (Japan). He was appointed successor to Bert van Marwijk ten years later and led the Orange to the third place in the World Cup in Brazil. Van Gaal would take over the role as manager for the first time since his resignation from Manchester United in May 2016.


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