Mauricio Macri’s soccer chicanes: between the final lost by Boca in Madrid and the descent of River

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“I want revenge,” said the former president of the Nation about the 2018 Libertadores. And to the journalist Jonatan Viale, a River fan, he insisted: “The B is the B.”

On his return to the public stage, Mauricio Macri provided his perspective on the situation in Argentina on Tuesday. And among his phrases about the pandemic, the dollar and the protests, the former president of the Nation spoke about soccer. From Boca, from River, from the folklore of the Superclásico …

“Success and failure are two impostor words. It helped me to understand a lot about success when I was winning a lot in Boca,” he said at the beginning of the interview with America 24. Until Jonatan Viale took him directly to a particular date: December 9, 2018, the day of the final of the Copa Libertadores won by River to Boca in Madrid.

Do you want a rematch in the Cup? “Always, always, always want revenge. The Madrid thing is going to be a milestone, as well as the B for you, haha. The B does not balance. The B is the B “, Macri answered Viale, a confessed River fan.

“Anyway, I tell you that I am the only Boca fan who asked them not to go to B. That year they weren’t there. ‘See if they never come back’. Without Mouth, River was dying. And the other way around, “Macri continued.

The former president of Argentina between 2015 and 2019 added about the fall at the Bernabéu: “For me it was a double sadness, because Guillermo is like a younger brother, just like Palermo, Ibarra and all that litter with whom we win so many things for joy. Yours. You had a tough childhood, “he told Viale.” It was a unique moment. Football is a unique thing. “

Outside the chicane, the man who was in charge of Boca between 1995 and 2008 called for soccer peace.

“We have to reconcile in Argentina. Like Boca and River. What we did with Ramón Díaz. Boca does not exist without River and River does not exist without Boca. Nothing would make sense. And that must be achieved. Reconciliation must be achieved, “he concluded.


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