Mattia Binotto: Today we have to harder

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Before the Eifel Grand Prix, the head of the Ferrari team, Mattia Binotto, admitted that the racing pace of Ferrari may be slightly worse than the speed in qualifying, but, nevertheless, he is pleased that this weekend we can talk about some progress.

Mattia Binotto: “There is a very sharp struggle in the middle of the peloton, and every couple of tenths affects the result, you can either rise to a higher position, or vice versa, roll back. But on this track, our car showed itself well, and in qualification, both drivers were helped by the fact that they needed settings for a higher pressure, so we are pleased with yesterday’s results.

But today we will have more difficult, because the racing pace may not be so good, but at least we are glad that, according to the results of qualification, we returned to the same positions in which we were at the beginning of the season.

For the next stage of the season, we are preparing a number of technical innovations, all of which, of course, will help to increase the speed of the car, but more importantly, we will be able to determine the direction of its modernization with an eye to 2021.

At the base in Maranello, a very hard work is underway to prepare for the next season, we are facing very difficult tasks. We will have a completely new engine, which is now undergoing bench tests – we have to work, giving all our best, because it is clear that now we are not at the level at which Ferrari should be.



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