Mattia Binotto: These results are encouraging

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The head of the Ferrari team Mattia Binotto did not come to the Turkish Grand Prix – and Scuderia achieved the best result of the season. Binotto is pleased with the results of the weekend …

Mattia Binotto: “I am glad that after the unsuccessful qualification we achieved such high results, finishing third and fourth. It could be even better, but I’m still happy.

The failure in qualification is due to the fact that we did not manage to bring the rubber into the working range, but we were preparing for the race. After training on Friday, we knew that we can be fast on this track. And we performed well in the race – much better than in qualifying.

I am very happy for Sebastian – this podium is important for him. The year turned out to be difficult, but at the end of the season he felt comfortable in the car and achieves better results. Vettel performed well: he drove steadily at a good pace, controlled the course of the race, watched rubber wear and did not miss the chance on the last lap. An excellent result, but before the end of the season there are three more races, and I hope that next time he will also succeed.

Charles had a bad start, but played well. He was fast, but made a few mistakes – at the start, during the race and on the last lap – otherwise he could have done better. Such a race will be useful for him: after looking at the recording, he will draw conclusions. But overall, he’s a fantastic racer.

Such results are important to Ferrari. We have made progress in several previous races. The car has become better and faster, it behaves more stable. I am glad that we began to achieve success – this is important both for the remaining races and for the next season. The struggle for positions in the Constructors’ Cup is not over yet. We work a lot at the base – we try to identify the flaws of the car, solve these problems and prepare for the next season. And such results are encouraging. “



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