Matti went on a cruise from Helsinki to Riga – the biggest surprise was waiting in the terminal

Ilta-Sanomat’s news manager Matti Järvi set off on a Tallink-Silja cruise to Riga, Latvia on Sunday.

In addition to the holiday, the desire to see what the atmosphere of the cruise is like during the Korona era was drawn to the trip.

The biggest surprise awaited right at the start of the trip as we entered the terminal.

– It came as a surprise how full the terminal was on departure. There was an outfit like a beanie. The safety distances were definitely not kept, Järvi says.

However, according to Järvi, the ship was suitably spacious and the safety gaps were taken care of in an exemplary manner. In the ship’s restaurant, for example, only every other table was used.

– It was a sigh of relief.

In addition to the safety clearances, the corona on the ship resembled large signs with safety instructions. In addition, Järvi says that when redeeming the cabin card electronically, the device reminded that you should not go on a trip sick.

According to Järvi, the ship had a lot of families with children in particular. Older people showed up less.

Riga According to Järvi, Korona was visible as a lack of tourists. The city was empty and there were hardly any other tourists to see.

– The terraces and shops fit well. Pretty much there were also commercial apartments closed.

However, according to Järvi, the locals moved in the city in the normal way.

– For example, there was a normal noise in grocery stores.

Hardly anyone could see the masks in the street scene, but there were hand-held bottles and instruction signs everywhere.

– The actions seemed very similar to those in Helsinki.

The trip left a good feeling for the lake.

– Everything has gone really well. As a passenger, it feels that as long as it does not belong to the risk group and the infectivity rate remains so low, passenger ship traffic in the Baltic Sea can be used with ease, Järvi states.



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