Matthew McConaughey said he was raped at age 18

The Oscar-winning actor reveals it in his biography, “Greenlights.”

In 2013, Matthew McConaughey won an Oscar for his work on The homeless club. At age 50, the actor publishes his biography, Greenlights (green lights), because it aims to collect the “meaningful, instructive and fun adventures” of his life. However, although the tone of the book in general is optimistic, it reveals very hard episodes in the history of the American interpreterLike when, at age 15, he was extorted into having sex or when, at 18, he was raped by a man.

“I have some scars”, confesses the protagonist of True detective. “When I was ten years old, they beat me until my buttocks bled for getting a Cracker Jack tattoo (a snack brand) ”.

And he goes on: “I was blackmailed into having sex for the first time when I was 15 years old. I was sure I would go to hell for having sex before marriage. “

The most painful episode was when “a man sexually abused me when I was 18 years old and unconscious in the back of a truck.”

In any case, the actor points out that “he never felt like a victim” and did not want to give more details about an experience that until now had been silent.

McConaughey supported various organizations fighting sexual violence several times. In 2006, she even participated in the rape removal program at the university and helped transport students home at night.

Born in Texas, McConaughey has been married since 2012 to Brazilian-American model, actress and designer Camila Alves, with whom he has three children, Levi (12 years old), Vida (9) and Livingston (7).

According to his words, Matthew wrote the book to correct people’s perceptions of him.

“Some people think, ‘God, McConaughey just adapts to everything, the guy doesn’t seem to have any bumps, he doesn’t hit himself crossing the street,'” he deepened. “But it is not true.” That is why he shut himself up to write a book that shows that life has not given him anything.

His parents, Jim and Kay, had a very complicated relationship. McConaughey is the youngest of three brothers. And, before he became an actor, he thought he was going to work as a lawyer.

In the first chapter of the book, he recounts a scene from 1974 in which he saw his parents fight fiercely. His mother had broken his father’s nose with a phone while he was brandishing a bottle of ketchup. The fight ended with them having sex on the kitchen floor.

“The love was real. The passion was real ”, writes the interpreter, who a few days after starting filming Rebellious and confused she learned of her father’s passing from a heart attack while making love to her mother.

“I got a call from my mother. ‘Your father is dead’. My knees buckled. I could not believe it. He was my father. Nobody and nothing could kill him. Except mom ”.

His life was full of mischief. “A vet sewed 78 stitches on my forehead. I had four concussions from falling from four trees, three of them on a full moon, ”he writes.

Greenlights it also includes one of his most hilarious moments. He decided to celebrate a victory for his team, the Texas Longhorns, with a party where he decided to play the bongo naked.

Some neighbor notified the Police and the actor ended up in prison, accused of disturbing public order, possession of marijuana and resistance to authority. In the end, he only had to pay $ 50 for breaking the noise ordinance.


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