Actor Matthew McConaughey, 50, talks about his traumatic experiences in his memoir Greenlights, just published in English.

McConaughey says she was sexually abused on two occasions as a teenager.

– I was blackmailed into having sex for the first time when I was 15, a favorite actress reveals.

– I was sure I would go to hell for premarital sex. Today I am almost sure thing, I hope not so.

Three years later, he was exploited again. This time the perpetrator was a man.

– I was 18 when a man took advantage of me in the back of a van when I was deported unconscious, he says.

McConaughey says he didn’t feel like a victim either time.

– I’ve never experienced being a victim. I have a lot of evidence that the world is trying to make me happy, he notes.

McConaughey says he has kept a diary for 36 years. Encouraged by his wife, he decided to write a book about his experiences.

– I went alone in the wilderness for 52 days, no electricity, he says of his writing work.

Early in his career, McConaughey became known for his romantic comedies, but in the 2010s he moved on to more serious roles. McConaughey won Best Actor in an Oscar for the film Dallas Buyers Club in 2013.