This Tuesday the new edition of MasterChef Celebrity and all the contestants have left amazing television moments to remember. One of those who has conquered a large part of the audience has been Josie, who surprised the jury and the rest of the participants when they applied facial mist while cooking.

The ‘lifting’ of eyelashes, the new trend to improve your look

A beauty trick that the stylist and collaborator of Zapping to hydrate and not stay “like a lady”. But what is this really spray and how is it used? It’s about a ideal product to hydrate or refresh the skin, especially in summer or when we are at high temperatures.

What are their characteristics? How is it applied to the face?

The facial mist o facial mist It can be used in your daily routine to maintain a correct tone and purify the pores of your skin. Also, It is possible to apply it on the makeup itself without losing its effect. Virtually all cosmetic brands market this product, which can be made up of different types of ingredients, as it is comfortable and easy to apply.

The actress Blanca Suárez.
Blanca Suárez shares her secret trick to maintain perfect skin in a matter of minutes

There are facial mists with sun protection, with vitamin D, with aloe vera and even with hyaluronic acid. You can also choose between a product designed to reduce the brightness of the face, to reactivate the skin or to provide greater luminosity.

How does it apply? It can be used in any way you want. Before applying the moisturizer, as the only facial treatment and even after putting on makeup as some act as fixers.

As stated in The Body Shop, It is spray facial is evenly distributed and absorbs quickly through the skin. First, you will need to shake the face mist well and close your eyes and mouth before applying it to your face. Afterwards, spray about five times about 20 centimeters away from the face.