Massive marches throughout Peru in rejection of the Merino Government

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Thousands of people staged massive marches throughout Peru on Thursday in rejection of the transitional government chaired by the congressman Manuel Merino after the dismissal of Martin Vizcarra of the Head of State.

A few hours after Merino was sworn in to the cabinet of ministers led by the conservative Ántero Flores-Aráoz, citizens took to the streets for the fourth day in a row to affirm that the new ruler “has not been elected by the people”, request a renewal of the political class and reject corruption.

The mobilization, which in Lima concentrated more than 15,000 people in the central Plaza San Martín, also brought together groups of protesters in other Lima districts such as Miraflores, Barranco, Lince, San Miguel, Chosica, Comas and Surco.

After the call, made through social networks, It also had a great reception in cities in the interior of the country such as Arequipa, Trujillo, Chiclayo, Cusco, Madre de Dios, Huancayo, Iquitos, Puno and even in Tumbes, the province for which Merino was elected congressman last January.

“That’s why I defend you & rdquor;

“I am shocked by the number of people who are taking to the streets throughout Peru, this is indicating the indignation of society,” Cardinal Pedro Barreto, archbishop of the Andean city of Huancayo, declared on the RPP Noticias radio station.

The massive marches had common slogans such as “Peru, I love you, that’s why I defend you” Y “Merino, you are not my president “, alluding to the fact that the new head of state presided over Congress and was sworn in as ruler after that Legislative Assembly removed Martín Vizcarra.

The large concentration in the Plaza San Martín and the nearby avenues developed without reporting, in principle, major incidents with police riot police.

“Let all the corrupt go”The participants harangued while carrying Peruvian flags and banners, as well as masks and face shields to take care of covid-19, which has left more than 928,000 cases and 35,000 deaths in the country.

The other major rally in Lima was in the tourist district of Miraflores, where protesters gathered peacefully in Central Park and then marched down Larco Avenue while claiming that politicians “messed with the wrong people.”

“My deep respect and appreciation to young people and the people who do nothing but raise their voice of protest in defense of what they love: Peru. Thank you for giving us an example of national dignity,” he said in this regard on Twitter on General Walter Martos, who was Vizcarra’s prime minister until last Monday.

Rejection in provinces

The rejection of Merino’s new government was also expressed in demonstrations and marches carried out in numerous cities in the interior of the country, among them the northern Tumbes, the birthplace of the current ruler.

“Nuco does not represent us,” said a large banner carried by young protesters, alluding to a local name given to Merino, who led some two thousand people through the central streets of that border city with Ecuador.

In the central Andean city of Huancayo another 5,000 people met, mostly young students, while in the Andean center Huánuco the demonstrators were led by a large banner with the slogan “Peru belongs to the people, not to the politicians.”

The protests were replicated in both northern Cajamarca and southern Andean Ayacucho, where groups of citizens carried banners with slogans such as “There can be no peace without a new justice.”

In the south of Arequipa, it was reported that the participants in the mobilization received masks and alcohol gel from the Police to prevent covid, while in neighboring Puno they managed to enter the Plaza de Armas after representatives of the Ombudsman’s Office convinced to the police chiefs to allow a peaceful demonstration.



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