The World Health Organization and several experts have issued a warning about masks and it is the loss of effectiveness if they get wet, for example, with rainwater. In this case it indicates that should be replace them with other and they ask governments to give clear instructions for use to citizens in wet times like this.

What to do if a mask gets wet?

Experts explain that masks should be changed frequently, especially in humid climates where it is easy for them to get wet when shopping or walking in humid places. “There has been no public campaign to make people aware that this can make their masks ineffective, “they denounce.

The WHO recommends that cloth face masks have at least three layers of different material. However, she adds that. moisture can compromise this protection, although once dry it can continue to be reused.

Different is the humidity generated inside the masks by our body fluids. According to the World Health Organization, one of the drawbacks that can occur is “the possibility of contamination that can occur if the user does not change a mask that has become wet or dirty. This can create favorable conditions for the multiplication of microorganisms. ”