MAS leaders consider that Evo Morales should not return to Bolivia

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Members of the Movement To Socialism (MAS) do not believe it is prudent for former president Evo Morales, who is in Argentina, to return to the country now, after learning that his presidential candidate, former minister Luis Arce, is the virtual winner of the Bolivian elections.

The president of the Senate, who also serves as president of the Bolivian Legislative Assembly, Eva Copa, of MAS, said this Monday that “This is not the right time” for Morales to return to the country, because he still has “problems to solve.”

“We, at the head of Luis Arce and as an Assembly we have tasks to complete, “Copa told the media a day after the elections in the country.

Personal decision

Sebastián Michel, spokesman for MAS, agreed with this position, stating that Evo Morales he cannot return at this time because “he does not have the fundamental guarantees, he does not have due process and it is not convenient.”

Although he maintained that all Bolivians have the right to move freely and Morales can travel whenever he wants, but it will be a personal decision.

For his part, cocalero leader and candidate for senator for the MAS, Leonardo Loza, indicated that they will coordinate for Morales to return to the country and the former president will dedicate himself to fulfilling his role in the federation of coca growers of the Tropic of Cochabamba of which he remains president.

“He hasn’t stolen from anyone, has not murdered anyoneHe has not committed any crime, “Loza told the media.

Accusations against him

The Bolivian Prosecutor’s Office has issued several orders for Evo Morales to appear before justice in different processes in which he is accused of genocide, sedition and terrorism, among other crimes, several of them at the request of the temporary Executive.

In addition, the transitory government has denounced the former president for crimes against humanity before the International Criminal Court in The Hague.

The then interim Minister of Government (Interior), Arturo Murillo, said days before the October 18 elections that Morales “is not going to enter Bolivia not even if the MAS won “, after the warning of the interim Vice Minister of the Interior Regime, Javier Issa, that he was getting ready to enter the border town of Yacuiba from Argentina.

Morales wants to return

Morales from Argentina He argued on more than one occasion that he would return “the next day” to Bolivia if the MAS won these elections, in addition to reiterating this Monday that his great “desire” is to return to the country and that “sooner or later” he will return.

Morales left Bolivia after announcing his resignation from the country’s Presidency on November 10 of last year, denouncing an alleged coup to overthrow him, after the failed elections of October 2019.



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