Martín Slipak: a youtuber concerned about his followers and the actors

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He stars in “Pepper, all for a like”, a series that shows an influencer who seeks to regain popularity. And it analyzes the difficult situation of the interpreters.

Martín Slipak stars Pepper, all for a like. In the series that is broadcast by Flow, the actor puts himself in the shoes of a Youtuber and shows the despair suffered by these characters used to acceptance when their content is no longer accepted by the public. The cycle works as a kind of criticism of this current world, in which if there is something that is not in networks, it does not exist. “There is a need to build successful beings,” says the actor about the posts on Instagram.

Martín Slipak’s character generates two totally opposite sensations. On the one hand it is extremely irritating. Your need to fit in and document everything is tiring. Her life revolves around the hearts she gets on Instagram or the thumbs up she gets on YouTube. But on the other hand, his feelings about failure, not knowing how to regain the popularity he had, make the viewer want to help you.

“It was not in the world of YouTube, I do not usually consume the world of networks and influencers. We started researching youtubers who are friendly, who are loved by everyone. We found Merakio, which is a content creator with these characteristics. In fact, I spent a few days with him watching him film on the street, in his studio, ”says Slipak about the eight-part series produced by Planta Alta.

Even if Pepper is fond of showing everything he does. From a move, a reconciliation with his girlfriend and even an armed robbery, his interpreter is quite skeptical about people who make a living from making videos on YouTube. “The content they generate seems to me somewhat superficial and banal. That’s why it’s not what I’m interested in seeing. I am struck by how the advertising pattern is embedded within that content. On the other hand, seeing them work there is something that is very striking to me, which is the ability to generate content ”.

Slipak believes that it is a world that moves extremely fast and that generates a certain fear in youtubers, that their contents will be forgotten, that they will be left behind or that another person more popular than them will come out. The Serie reflects that desperation and need to create videos that are embraced by the audience.

“The program that does not go down the line. Obviously we have one and everything that the script says is thought, analyzed and discussed. I think that those of us who participate in the series have a feeling that a lot is being done and produced from success, that is to say that there is a need to build only successful beings for the outside ”.

His sayings coincide with the use he gives to his Instagram profile, where he has 45 thousand followers and most of the photos he uploads are about work projects. “I use them as a thermometer, to see what is happening with what I present: it is a fairly clear and precise thermometer. It seems to me a good tool to disseminate the work ”.

“I am not obsessed with showing a successful, rich, beautiful being, because all that does not happen (laugh). I have no such intention. The truth is that feeds that only show photos of abs or people on the beach do not interest me at all. Many times I went to see influencers and I never understood what they do”.

Another use that Slipak gives to the networks is to inform itself. The actor is part of that generation that no longer buys the newspaper, but is not one of the digital natives either. Today she chooses not to have television, only access to various streaming platforms. When something commented on on Facebook or Twitter seems newsy to you, you choose to do research on the internet.

Today the number of followers became almost a necessary thing to put on the resume. The actor mentioned that in one of his latest job proposals, He thought they had put how much each of the actors who were going to be part of. But his girlfriend warned him that the K was not for kilograms, but for the thousands of people who have these artists as friends.

“We are at a time when projects are starting to be done around the number of followers. If the actors and actresses are going to be more aware of having more followers instead of making a good scene, they will start to act worse”.

The confinement was barely started by the coronavirus, put all his energy into the premiere of the short Celine, which is available on the platform “to avoid going crazy.” The cancellation of plays and shows occurred four days before the premiere of Pack, a play that was to be done at the Picadero theater and whose theme was what happened at the Fiesta de San Fermín, Spain in 2016, when a group of young men raped a girl. The case became known as The Herd.

Slipak took advantage of the confinement to see several series and located Transparent, Fargo and House of Cards like the best fictions he saw in quarantine, not counting -of course- Pepper, all for a like. Like many, his culinary skills came to light and he claims that he makes an excellent apple crumble.

“In this pandemic, many actors and actresses are reviewing issues from our work on the crisis that was already there before this. In relation to fiction production it is huge. You have to see how to get out, because before the pandemic there were many people without jobs. The coronavirus was a rock bottom for the audiovisual sector ”.

With the parate intensified, to Slipak it seems important that the channels return to show national fictions. Of all your jobs, consider that treat me right, fiction produced by Polka and starring Julio Chávez and Cecilia Roth, is the one to return to current television.

“It is essential to generate new work protocols now, to re-film in the safest way possible, but as soon as possible as well,” says Slipak. coinciding with this idea, other young actors created the Civil Association of Art Workers (ACTA) headed by Gastón Soffritti and Peter Lanzani.


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