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(Real Sociedad – Real Madrid 0-0) Martin Ødegaard (21) played his very first league game from the start for Real Madrid, but did not get a dream return to his old stadium.

– It feels good to play, but the victory was missing for us. That’s why I’m not so happy, but it was nice to play for Real Madrid, Ødegaard says to Movistar after the game.

After 68 minutes, the Norwegian was replaced by old teammates in San Sebastián. The Spanish capital newspaper

calls him “the invisible” in his assessment of the match, giving him one of three stars.

– It was a special match. To my friends, to good people. It was very special, he says.

Mikel Oyarzabal, one of Ødegaard’s favorite playmates last season, was asked what he said to the Norwegian.

– Well, he knows very well how much he is loved here after everything he did for us last year, says the beret to Movistar.

– which he returned to from Real Sociedad this summer – and took the so-called “tier role” behind striker Karim Benzema.

And in front of prominent names like Toni Kroos and Gullballen winner Luka Modric. After the match, he was asked about the interaction with the two.

– I understand them well, but it will always be a little difficult in the beginning. There are players who are at an incredibly high level, so that makes it easier for me.

More established players such as Casemiro and Federico Valverde were referred to the bench by the young Norwegian. Ødegaard says that he was given a special role by his coach Zidane.

– (He wants) me to help the team create chances, score goals and things like that. That I move between the lines and attack, says Ødegaard, all in fluent Spanish.

Although the 21-year-old had several good opportunities to put his teammates in scoring positions, the last margins were missing throughout his match – as for Real Madrid as a whole.


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