Martín Campaña sued Independiente for more than 4 million dollars

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The Uruguayan goalkeeper, who on Thursday said goodbye to the club with a lapidary message against the leadership, took legal action for wage breach. He is not the only footballer who claims.

The message that Martin Campaign He posted on his Instagram account was a preview of what would come next. “Time puts everything in its place”, the Uruguayan goalkeeper had written, and some hours later the lawsuit jumped: u $ s 4,175,254.30 is what he claims from Independiente. This represents the entire contract that expired on June 30, 2021 and that the footballer did not fulfill. after declaring freedom of action for non-payment.

Campaign went very badly from Independiente. On August 12, a day after the squad resumed training in Villa Domínico, the goalkeeper’s lawyers presented a letter document at the club’s headquarters in which the directors were notified of the decision to terminate the link he had. with the institution claiming “just causes” for alleged “unpaid wages.

Already on August 9 he had sent “a missile” al iIntimate Independiente for the third time in less than five months. He demanded that they pay him the entire debt or reach an agreement, at the risk of being considered free due to non-payment in case this did not happen.

That last was what finally happened, and Campaign was at odds with the leadership and also with many of the fans, who questioned him because of the forms.

He is not the only Independiente footballer who made that determination. The club chaired by Hugo Moyano already has another bid in FIFA with another Uruguayan, Gastón Silva, whose ruling would be known at the end of the year. Another who is in conflict with Rojo is Fernando Gaibor, who is in Ecuador where he has verbally agreed to join Guayaquil FC, but if you sign you will be sued by Independent.

The last conflict that Rojo has is with Paraguayan Cecilio Domínguez, who yesterday played in Guaraní (he is on loan until the end of the year) and scored a goal against Tigre for the Copa Libertadores. Cecilio will go to play for Austin, of the North American Major League Soccer (MLS), and Red will receive around US $ 4,000,000 for that transfer. “Anywhere is better than Independiente. Everyone wants to leave the club”, he said when he left Avellaneda and the leadership wants to bring him to trial.



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