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Agatha Moreira and Rodrigo Simas do not plan a wedding. The couple participated in the program “Altas Horas”, this Saturday (10), along with other guests like Marília Mendonça, who vented about betrayals. In a chat with Serginho Groisman, the couple, who was diagnosed with coronavirus, ruled out going up to the altar to make the courtship official, even with the public’s support. “We don’t have that dream,” said the actor and the artist added, explaining that she doesn’t have the desire to be engaged: “I never had that big dream, but I love going to the wedding. Always invite me (laughs)”.

Rodrigo Simas explains success of relationship with Agatha Moreira

Rodrigo Simas and Agatha Moreira have been dating for almost 2 years, after starting the romance of a lasting friendship. For them, the success of the novel is to respect the space of home one. “Our relationship has a lot of freedom and respect. We have full discernment that being a couple we are not just one person, they are two human beings who want to be together. This place that many people confuse love with possession, this really hinders the relationship”, highlighted the actor, who combines pajamas at home with his beloved.

Agatha Moreira comments on coexistence in dating: ‘Give in’

Agatha Moreira bets on exchange and conversation as the secret of a good relationship in dating with Rodrigo Simas. “It requires maturity. You have a lot of responsibilities when you choose to be on someone’s side. Within a relationship, you have to give in, be on the side in good and bad times, understand the mood of the other, a million things you have to deal with when you are with someone “, fired.

Rodrigo Simas reports dynamics at home with Agatha Moreira

Rodrigo Simas has a free dynamic at home with Agatha Moreira. In coexistence, the couple tries their best to help each other so as not to increase each other’s responsibilities. “I am the official dishwasher. In cleaning, we help each other a lot and, in good times, without stress, without charging each other too much. I even learned to make some dishes. I think Agatha doesn’t starve”, joked the artist .

Agatha Moreira highlights friendship in dating with Rodrigo Simas

Agatha Moreira celebrates the friendship with her boyfriend, Rodrigo Simas. “We are very friends. We have a lot of affinity, similar thinking. And, of course, it was different when we looked at it with different eyes. There was no fear, but a strangeness. It was something new for both of them”, explained the artist, whose last novel was in “A Dona do Pedaço”.

(By Ana Clara Xavier)


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