Marley travels again, but closer for now

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This Sunday a new season of Around the world, at home, by Telefe, with tours of the country, accompanied by Lizy Tagliani.

To travel again, get on a plane and land in another place hundreds or thousands of kilometers away. What Marley has been doing for years and was interrupted by the pandemic, happens again. From this Sunday, Around the world, at home, the driver’s cycle that goes to 20:30 by TelefeIt takes off again, although this time, closer, within the Argentine geography.

In this season Marley will be accompanied by Lizy Tagliani in all destinations. The first chosen to break the ice after eight months without traveling is Misiones. Some 1,200 kilometers from Buenos Aires, something close for the driver used to distances to the other side of the planet.

In that coastal province, in addition to touring the wonders of Iguazu fallsThey will also visit the Jesuit ruins of San Ignacio and other tourist attractions.

In addition to shortening distances, Marley and company are also going to reduce your length of stay. In this short season, the trips will only be for two or three days, long weekend style, to reduce the risks of contagion.

About to board the plane, the driver confesses the anxiety he feels about this new adventure. “So long without taking a plane is an eternity for me. The feeling now is very rare. I don’t know what we are going to find, “he assures, prepared to comply with all the protocols from the airport.

The man who already went around the world several times at the head of its programs, he made his last international trip, in December of last year. And in February, shortly before the quarantine was declared, he had been in San Juan to conduct the National Sun Festival.

Chinstraps, alcohol gel, everything in quantity but also, Marley and his production team had to swab each other before traveling. “I’m not paranoid but I do take care and necessary precautions, “he assures.” The channel made us swab five days ago and the day before getting on the plane we had to do a new swab because the health authorities of Misiones require one, 48 hours before entering the province. “

In addition to those requirements of the new normal, an affidavit required by the hotel in Iguazú is added, ensuring that it does not have covid or any symptoms compatible with the virus. The same had to do the members of the production team, the cameraman and the assistant.

Along with Marley, Lizy Tagliani will be your regular companion on all nine shows this season. “We will have recorded segments and others will go live. And it seemed better for her to come, we already know each other, she has a great sense of humor and we get along very well,” he explains.

The idea of ​​Marley and the program is show the different landscapes of Argentina. After Misiones, the next program will be from Mendoza. And they will continue trips to Tierra del Fuego, San Juan, Salta, Tucumán, Santiago del Estero, Jujuy and Neuquén.

“As long as there is no vaccine, and as the situation in the world is now, moving around Argentina is an option, taking advantage of the wonderful places that there are,” says the driver. “In addition, we are going to show how the protocols of each place are to help spread and generate some trust.”

Another change in this 2020 is that Mirko, your three-year-old will stay home. The baby, who has accompanied his father since he was born, has already traveled several thousand kilometers around the world but this time, his father decided that it was better for him to wait for him in Buenos Aires.

“We are going to make shorter trips and in the case of Misiones, we arrived and we have two a helicopter trip. So it seemed better that he kept his pace calm as in these months, with his routines and schedules, with the school, to don’t stress it out, “he says.

Mirko already knows that her father is going to be away for a couple of days and even painted a plane and a map to fire him. Here he stays in the care of his grandmother and uncle. “I explained to him that I’m going to work, we chatted and he understood everything perfectly. It’s good too, it’s part of growth.”

After the season of Around the world, at home, with a final broadcast from Ushuaia, Marley will be ready for a new program, Minute to win, already in 2021.




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