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Rocío García Romero, until today head of the Minister’s Cabinet Fernando Grande-Marlaska, leaves Interior, as confirmed by sources from the Ministry to ABC. According to these sources, the “number 3” of the Department leaves his post in an agreed and consensual departure months ago, “for personal reasons.” An economist by profession and a close friend of the current Secretary of State for Security, Rafael Perez, who brought her to the Ministry, her replacement has a technical-legal profile and has already been decided.

The dismissal of García Romero, 37, announced today by “”, had been in the making almost since she was appointed as head of Cabinet nine months ago, according to the sources consulted. She reluctantly accepted the position “out of loyalty” but she “preferred to continue where she was as second in the Cabinet,” these sources detail. “Whoever cannot speak to the minister calls her, it is a job that kills people,” they explain, “very demanding and 24 hours a day.” And neither García has a political vocation (she had never worked in the Administration or in any party) nor does she want to give up her personal life, which was settled far from Madrid until her phone rang after Marlaska’s appointment as minister.

The economist was working in Germany in a private consulting firm when Rafael Pérez claimed her in the first legislature of Marlaska. Both studied the race in Córdoba and from there came their long friendship. Pérez named her number two of the Cabinet at his direct orders and with a total tuning, according to sources in your environment. When the minister placed Pérez as secretary of state, he asked his second to replace him. “She made it clear from the beginning that it was temporary and that after the summer (last year) she wanted to go.” The chained crises in the Ministry and the pandemic forced her to stay, far from her home and her family “almost living in the Interior.”

Sources of the Ministry and also of the surroundings of García Romero deny that his departure has something to do with political discrepancies and much less with the dismissal of the colonel Diego Pérez de los Cobos, whom you don’t even know. “Her friendship and loyalty are with the Secretary of State and by extension with the Minister.”

Today his departure from the Interior will be effective, which has already chosen a substitute although his name has not transpired. Marlaska has opted again for a technical-legal profile, the seal that he has wanted to print on the Ministry responsible for the State Security Forces and Bodies and prison policy, among other tasks. The narrower circle of the Interior will therefore remain a legal circle.



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