It was confirmed to Iltalehti that the media person was from the Oulu District Court Markus Kuotesaho has been sentenced to probation and fines for aggravated drunk driving. The act took place on June 14th.

According to the district court, Kuotesaho was driving a truck in the parking lot of Vihanni S-Market, among other places, so that the alcohol content of his blood after the drive was 1.70 per mille. According to the law, the crime has been likely to endanger the safety of another.

Iltalehti reached out to a crappy celebrity transvestite to comment on the matter.

– I started to bit a little and I made a mistake to start driving. I have never started driving before, Markus Kuotesaho tells Iltalehti.

– The only time they (the cops) were blowing. It has never happened before or since, he continues.

Markus says he ended up in the Raahe tube for the night.

– I had to be in the tube at night. After all, I have eye pressure, so I should have had an eye drop in one eye in the evening and in the other in the morning, says Kuotesaho and wonders that the tube trip stretched far into the next morning.

He says he will learn from what happened.

The length of Kuotesaho’s suspended prison sentence is 45 days, and he was fined 20 days, or 120 euros. In addition, he has to pay the state a crime victim fee of 80 euros and the cost of substance abuse research 39.16 euros.

The case was resolved in a written procedure with the consent of Kuotesaho. Kuotesaho has acknowledged the act. The verdict is not yet final. Kuotesaho was the first to report on the verdict Kaleva.

The verdict comes at an unfavorable time, as the biography of Kuotesaho will be published on Saturday Markus Kuotesaho – a legend already alive. Kirsi-Maria Hiltusen in the book he writes, he opens his life story to fans.

The animal-loving man who lost his dog in the summer says it was hard to remember the book.

– It’s hard to talk about Jantsek. There was no way I could get over it. Now it starts to get a little easier. It was the most difficult place that has been in our life. Let’s hope it doesn’t get any harder anymore, Mark inches.