Straight teasing starting points to make a return to the home club.

From a junior boy until 2007 represented HJK Markus Halsti stepped on the artificial turf of Töölö Stadium for a long time on September 10th.

Opposed was a dear enemy, HIFK.

Butterflies fluttered in the stomach.

– I was nervous before the game. Already about coming to a new team and having new friends around. It also made me nervous that I didn’t really know exactly what kind of game I was in.

Halsti, 36, who enjoyed as a defender or at the bottom of the midfield last time, had played a couple of months earlier. In August, HJK announced the return of his own breeder.

At the same time, the tour abroad, which lasted more than a decade, ended.

After Derby, the overriding feeling was disappointing. Halsti were substituted after the first half. A failed butt in the opening period led HIFK to a 2-0 goal.

HIFK eventually won the game 4–3.

– There was a small palm in it. There was a loss of communication with the topper, Halsti repeated Ivan Ostojicille intended butt.

– It wasn’t the best game from me, but OK. However, I periodically pressed the dune, he wondered.

In the second match of the season against Ilve, Halsti was taken on the field at the end to defend a 2–1 away victory. In the unpainted metro derby, Honka was left with the role of a changer.

In the dramatic 2–2 home teaser against TPS, Halsti was taken into the ring for the second period. Konkari had to witness the melting of the Club’s two-goal lead at close range.


Halst’s career abroad was extensive, and it even included such achievements that few Finnish players have achieved.

The first decent home was found in Malmö. Halsti won three Swedish championships in the ranks of the club, known for its light blue uniforms, and was able to play in the group stage of the Champions League.

After six great seasons, he headed to the United States for DC United and from there back to Scandinavia. The Danish top team FC Midtjylland was selected next.

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Playing time came from time to time, but as a sweet pot came one Danish championship.

2018 was already the time to think about returning to Finland.

– A couple of years ago it was already close for me to come to the Club. Then an interesting call from Esbjerg’s Dutch head coach, Halsti, repeated.

A captain’s band was fitted for his search. The rising team Esbjerg fB had risen back to the league, and in the team played in addition to Halst Joni Kauko and Noah Nurmi. Later also Pyry Soiri joined to complete the team’s Finnish pop.

– It was a really nice time in every way. We finally finished third in the league.

Despite his long career, Halsti has not been able to play abroad with other Finns on the same team many times.

– FC Midtjylland was the first when Tim Sparv played there. At the time, I was already 33 years old.

Owls are interested

Halstin can at least say that he looked at the cards abroad until the last time before his return to Finland finally arrived.

– I always wanted to take on the toughest challenge that came up. Over the years, it accommodated the number one clubs and Yankees in Sweden and Denmark.

– Eventually we started talking to the Club, and a solution was reached quickly for both of us. Here is a real tough competition, but this is my home my club, and I’m glad that I got the chance, Halsti enthused.

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Halst hasn’t been seen with the Owls crew lately, but even at the age of 36, he would be available immediately if the call goes.

– The national team is always interested, as long as there is enough motivation and power. It would be foolish to say anything else.

– I am, “Riven” (Finland head coach Markku Kanerva) that I try to cause him as much headaches as possible in terms of choices, Halsti laughed.

In one fell swoop, he also became a defender of HJK’s nesting department.

– Yes I always try to explain, grind and guide in that field. However, I have not gone to the booth directly as a father figure. Let’s see in peace. If that role comes, then it will.