Marko gives an update on Verstappen: Neck pain is normal, otherwise it’s okay

Helmut Marko gave an update on Max Verstappen’s condition. Red Bull’s driver has only a sore neck after his collision at the British Grand Prix. But, things are looking good the next day.

Max VerstappenThe British Grand Prix’s opening round saw two teams competing. Lewis Hamiltonfor taking the lead in this game. Copse Corner was a disaster. Verstappen’s right back wheel was hit by the Mercedes driver. Verstappen spun, and the Mercedes driver crashed headfirst into the tire stacks. The Dutch championship leader was able to pull himself out of the wreck, but was still visibly shaken. Hamilton was given a 10-second penalty by race officials for his role in the crash, but he still managed to win his eighth home race.

Verstappen was injured in the race. He was taken to Coventry hospital for a CT scan. Later that night, he was fired. According to Marko, he was fired again the next day. Red Bull Racingdriver. “He was accompanied by his father on Sunday and just to be sure, Jos also spent the night with him in a hotel. We were expecting it to be stiff from the incredible 51G impact. Marko said that he has only a slight pain in his neck but is otherwise fine. RTL Germany.

Marko said that Verstappen’s blow at the British Grand Prix was not to be underestimated. “An ordinary mortal would not survive such a hard blow from 51G. He is of course very well trained and that also played an important role in the fact that he got out unharmed except for some neck pain.”

Red Bull wants to be on the track

Marko spoke out immediately following the crash to express his disgust at the collision between the title contenders. Hamilton was Hamilton’s fault, and Marko, a 78-year old Austrian, even asked for a suspension to punish the world champion. Marko made this statement during the heat of battle. The anger appeared to have subsided a bit on Monday but it is still clear that Marko blames the Mercedes driver. “We are for hard but fair racing. However, we are not for irresponsible actions, as we see this action by Hamilton.”

Hamilton and Mercedes were not able to make a good turn at Silverstone, where they collided with Verstappen Red Bull and Marko. It was not just because of the collision on track, but also their behaviour during and after race. “It all started with Toto Wolff rushing to the stewards’ office immediately after the accident to explain Mercedes’ story. Marko said that it’s a neutral institution so we were mostly annoyed by the fact that he tried to influence them. Hamilton’s attitude was also a source of irritation. “Lewis never called Max before today. This is just their house style. This is something we take for granted. We are now focusing on the remaining season. While we aren’t looking for revenge, we do want to answer the question on the track.


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