Made a successful F1 career Mika Hakkinen turns 52 today, Monday. His wife Marketa Häkkinen has arranged an atmospheric surprise for the birthday hero.

Marketa has conjured an open-air expedition for the whole family. He has shared lots of beautiful pictures from a picnic to Instagram. You can see more pictures by clicking on the right side of the picture.

-Happy birthday to my husband, friend, hero, life, loved one. You are everything, Marketa writes in the caption.

The birthday hero has been pampered with the most imaginative sugar blood treats. Cheese, strawberries, donuts and macarons are covered with plush pads on the picnic blanket.

Serving has continued at a nearby table, which includes a large fruit basket and a festive drink. The autumn bug situation has also been taken into account, as food has been protected from bugs.

The couple’s birthday picnic has been enjoyed by the couple’s three children, born in 2010 She and twins born in 2014 Daniel and Lynn. Also born in the former union of Mika and Erja Häkkinen Always-daughter has been involved in the festive humor. In one picture, he holds a large bouquet of flowers in his hands. Ainan Hugobrother does not appear in the pictures.

The birthday hero was dressed for a picnic in a lightweight jacket. Marketa refined to celebrate in a summer dress, but had taken a warm sweater on her shoulders. In the pictures, Mika enjoys the festive picnic spring casually with her children. The two dogs in the family also roam the picnic spot.

The pictures do not show where the family has spent the picnic, but the untreated-looking landscape is adorned with autumn trees. The grass also has an abundance of fallen leaves from trees that have not been given a ride.