Marissa Mayer is remembered for having been CEO of Yahoo before the company was sold to Verizon And now it’s back with a new app that aims to help users organize their contacts.

We all remember the scandal surrounding Yahoo! almost four years ago. The company reported that millions of accounts may have been affected after the hack.

Given the situation, Marissa Mayer decided to abandon the spotlight and after having been missing for a long time, now it has decided to return with a new application, whose premise is interesting.

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Sunshine Contacts, the new application from Marissa Mayer

Marissa Mayer is a computer engineer and has been widely recognized for having taken the role of Executive Director of Yahoo!. Mayer started working at a startup called Sunshine and today he launched his first app called Sunshine Contacts.

This application is currently only available in iOS and uses Artificial intelligence to manage users’ contacts in the background.

This dynamic promises to save time by solving typical problems when organizing contacts, such as duplicates, outdated or incomplete information, among other factors that could take a lot of time from users.

Without a doubt, it is an interesting proposition, since we usually suffer with the support of our contacts, especially if we change mobile devices.

The app is based on contact information and addresses of Gmail and in the app Contacts on iOS.

In this way, with the help of Sunshine Contacts, it will be possible to have a very complete contact book, with each of your numbers organized in one place with all the information you need from each of them; from email address, profile in LinkedIn and other interesting facts.

“As I have been working with contacts, some days I get very angry and worry that there are thousands of people who still have my Google email address or my Yahoo email address,” says Marissa Mayer.

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Although at first glance it sounds interesting, the reality is that users will have to download the app, link to it and wait for others to use it if they want to take advantage of the shared updates.

We’ll see how it progresses in the future.