Mario Been and Kees Kman both aim for the same Feyenoord player

Feyenoord failed to impress Kees Kman and Mario Been Thursday evening ESPN. Arne Slot’s team failed to pass Kosovar FC Drita (0-0) in the first round of the Conference League qualifying round. Kwakman and Been aim their arrows afterwards at Orkun Kökçü, the new wearer of number 10 after the departure of Steven Berghuis to Ajax.

Kökçü suffered 22 loss of possession, the highest number of all Feyenoord players. He looked after the corners which were too dangerous. Kwakman observed a lack in creativity at Feyenoord. “It’s hard against a team like that. They all fall back. A set piece can often help you. But those set pieces… Kökçü, besides the fact that he gave in twenty balls, got one good corner at Toornstra. Additionally, he has given every corner either to the keeper or the player in front of the first posts. He has also given every corner to the keeper or the defender in front of the first post.

Been thinks it is commendable that Kökçü dares to play with number 10, but acknowledges that the youth exponent has not yet proven to be of great value on the field. “I like a certain player’s personality. He would like to wear the number 10, and these are usually the creative players who show the most. But he doesn’t have that yet. He is too prone to losing the ball by using the simplest solutions. Kees is clear: he wants every corner and kick, but very little comes out.

Leroy Fer indicated that Feyenoord struggled with Drita’s defensive play. “Ofcourse we want to win. The captain, who is a centre-back, acknowledges that we have created many opportunities but not enough to showcase our strengths. “We have the opportunity to do the job at the home. We know we have the ability to do better. Although we didn’t give away anything, we could have done more. They were defending the area with ten men while lurking behind the counter. We are better. We know we are better than that. We will analyze the game to find out what we can do better.


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