Italian football player Mario Balotellin the behavior shocked viewers in Italy. News about it Image.

30-year-old striker brother Enoch is in the Italian celebrity Big Brother, so Mariokin attended the broadcast on Friday.

Balotelli, 30, cast a live sexist comment on a Brazilian model Dayane Mellolle. According to the presenter of the program, Mello would have liked Balotelli to the Big Brother house.

– Yes, but then he would say stop, stop, that hurts, Balotelli said, apparently referring to sexual intercourse.

Balotelli laughed at his throw, but Mello was appalled. Balotelli got a lot of shit from his comment. In the end, he apologized for his “jokes”.

According to Bild, Balottelli wrote an apology message to his Instagram account.

– I apologize if anyone feels offended. I know Dayane well and we have a speaking style that may look vulgar, but I love him.

– I apologize to people who were injured, but if they don’t know about human relationships, they can’t judge. Inform yourself, I have two mothers, three sisters and a daughter and they are all women in my life. Don’t just speculate.

Balotelli is currently without a club. He played for the Brescia team last season. He is currently training with a personal trainer.

Balotelli has diligently published videos of his training.