Marina Ruy Barbosa experiences crisis in marriage with Xandinho Negrao, says column

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Marina Ruy Barbosa and her husband, Xandinho Negrão, live a delicate moment in the relationship. According to columnist Daniel Castro, from “Notícias da TV”, a person close to the redhead said that the two have not understood each other for some time. The publication highlights that the actress’s last post with her husband was on Valentine’s Day and that, before, the pilot appeared frequently on the woman’s social networks.

Couple does not celebrate three years of marriage; advisory states that the two go together

Marina and Xandinho completed three years of marriage last Wednesday (7), but, according to the column, they did not celebrate. However, the advice of the actress says that the marriage continues and that they will take a trip together, whose destination has not been revealed. The purpose of time together is to get along.

Marina Ruy Barbosa has already been photographed without an alliance

The column recalled that this is not the first time that Marina and Alexandre have experienced a crisis in their marriage. The actress has already been photographed without an alliance, but stated that she had forgotten to put the jewelry back on after taking it off because of work. Last year, the controversy involving the separation of José Loreto and Débora Nascimento also shook their relationship.

Marina Ruy Barbosa took over without jealousy in the relationship

In June, Marina and Xande broadcast live on Tik Tok and answered fan questions. At the time, she assumed she had improved in relation to jealousy. “Marina was very jealous, not so much now …”, fired the Stock Car driver. “I was really jealous. As we spent more time together, I started to trust and saw that I didn’t need to be suspicious,” she said. The redhead also praised her husband: “Xandinho is a great companion, he supports me in my dreams, when I have my anxiety attacks … This is very important for a relationship to be healthy”.

Actress appears crying on Instagram: ‘An anxiety’

Marina Ruy Barbosa vented in a series of videos on Instagram Stories in June. She appeared sad and explained: “Giving that basic cry because it is difficult, for many people. When it is time to sleep and we think about everything that is happening, in the world and in the country, it gives us agony, anxiety. Health mental is shaken, anxiety, stress … I just wanted to say that you are not alone “, he commented. “Everyone is trying to be strong, each in their own way, but I hope that after all of this is over, we learn from what is happening, that everyone becomes better people, that we have more empathy, help more people , that we take more care of the plans we live in, do more things on a daily basis and that can change other people “, he continued.

(By Laís Fernandes)


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