They say that in matters of beauty social media encourages stereotypes and they advocate the pre-established canons of perfection in the everlasting 90-60-90 but there are also those who, from these same networks, fight daily to defend real beauty, self-love and who corroborate that looking good is question of attitude and not of size.

These are the profiles of eight women who from Instagram contribute to the acceptance of ‘non-normative’ bodies and insist on leaving complexes behind, taking advantage of curves and defending movement body positive.

Marina Llorca @marinallorca

A few years ago this young graphic designer and instagramer who lives between Marbella and Madrid revolutionized the networks thanks to your project #ImitaciónXL with which he claimed the body positive and the curvy woman emulating the photos of famous Spanish influencers in swimwear – among others, Laura Escanes, Nina Urgell or María Pombo. One of these photographs, wearing a red H&M bikini, caught the attention of the Swedish brand that used it in its profile and swept: today accumulates more than half a million likes. Since then, Llorca has also multiplied its followers, which now exceed 163,000.

Rebeca Gómez Polo @rebecagomezpolo

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She is the promoter of the successful account @weloversize, community body positive whose life motto is “enjoy what you have while working for what you want”, which has more than 350,000 followers. It advocates enhance self-love and motivational messages are spread that are an ode to real beauty. In addition, the almost 59,000 followers of her personal account share a love for cats, tattoos and style. pin-up from this stylist with a degree in professional makeup. She is also the author of the book Gordi Fucking Buena.

Ana Pizarro @analapizarro

Photographer, passionate about cinema, feminist and activist body positive, fights for the normalization of all types of bodies through his Instagram profile where more than 16,000 people follow him. She takes care of all her photographs in detail and poses without complexes claiming that curvy is also synonymous with fashion. She has collaborated with brands such as Violeta by Mango or Amazon Fashion in large sizes.

Celeste Barber @celestebarber

Seven million people can’t be wrong. This Australian comedian, writer, and actress known for her work on series such as All Saints decided one day to start the project #celestechallengeaccepted with which he has traveled the world thanks to his Instagram. The secret of your success? Upload photos and videos of parodic and sarcastic tone in which she imitates the poses of famous people to make us reflect on the false myth that her supposed perfection. Few have been spared so far in her more than 1,200 publications: from Cara Delevingne to the Kardashians through Beyoncé, Dua Lipa, Halle Berry or Justin Bieber.

Ashley Graham @ashleygraham

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Everything started with her and today she is a benchmark of the movement body positive. Her motto: #BeautyBeyondSize (beauty beyond size). She took her first steps in social networks showing off her curves in a swimsuit to later become one of the most requested plus size models on the catwalks and fashion heads. It has been the cover of Vogue, Elle, Glamor, Harper’s Bazaar and twice from the magazine Sport Illustrated, becoming the first model plus size in getting it. On his Instagram account, which currently has more than 11 million followers, he shares his day-to-day in front of and behind the cameras as well as his newly released motherhood.

Lorena Durán @imlorenaduran

This Sevillian model, a hormonal problem made her go from a size 36 to a 42-44 a few years ago, however, she knew how to reinvent herself and turn this supposed disadvantage in her profession into her greatest virtue. She is currently one of the most requested figures internationally and in 2019 became the first curvy model of the prestigious lingerie firm Victoria’s Secret. Since the beginning of her career, she has used her media presence to speak openly about body positivity and has 200,000 followers on Instagram.

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Nekane @curvybuena

Bilbaína, blog author My Curvy Life in Atresmedia, model plus size and recent mom, is the creator of movement #QueTuTallaNoTeFrene. On her Instagram profile, which has more than 100,000 followers, she shows that it is possible to dress as you like and with style without obsessing over size. This is what she herself affirms: “Beauty, style and fashion are not defined by one size. I think that we are witnessing a change in the world of fashion, there are more and more brands that are betting on large sizes but there is still a long way to go ”.

Eli Quesada @vistetequevienencurvas

For eight years he has offered advice and positive reinforcement to all those plus size women who want to empower themselves through their image. Their community @vistetequevienencurvas It has more than 33,000 followers and has become a reference and inspiration profile for all those women who want to dress well, in fashion and low cost whatever size they are. Because #stylehasnotsize.

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“Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional” (BUDDHA). I remember a couple of years ago, a summer Sunday that I decided to leave “my perfect, divine, ideal mask of death” at home (if you don’t know what I’m talking about, watch the video of MY STORY on Igtv). . I put on the famous black jumpsuit with which, despite being comfortable -physically-, I felt miles from my comfort zone, it was a sensation similar to that of going naked and exposed for life, I did not comb or brush my hair. I didn’t wear any of my Beyoncé sandals either … it was just Eli. . I went to the market with my mother and my avi, and as soon as I entered, I heard, between laughter and whispers, some unpleasant and hurtful words towards me … I told myself that they were not talking about me, but when I looked at them, their eyes they were nailed to me and they mocked without any shame …. At that moment I felt immense pain, under the sunglasses that I had worn, as an “invisibility cloak”, I began to cry, shyly and disconsolately at the same time … I felt absolutely vulnerable … After all the effort he had made to leave the mask at home … I felt again that I needed my armor, my suspicions were confirmed: WITHOUT THIS ARMOR I AM NOTHING, I AM NOT ENOUGH, I AM DEFECTIVE … Feeling attacked and humiliated in the first experience was not easy or pleasant …. The pain was natural and unavoidable, but certainly, and although she was not conscious at the time, she had a choice. Suffer for that event and go backward on my path to acceptance (and rescue the mask again), or continue nurturing my inner strength, my self-love, my confidence and moving forward. . Both options are valid, and hard, since they start from a painful situation, but without a doubt, choosing the path of love and not that of suffering was what allowed me to continue growing internally, and to gradually leave each and every one of the parts of my armor … ⬇️ follow in comments ⬇️ (You can also slide the photos to read the story)

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