Marília Mendonça’s make-up: learn how to copy the singer’s look!

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How about doing makeup inspired by the queen of suffering, Marília Mendonça? The singer exudes style in looks, investing in the top trend with jeans and many others. For this reason, we cannot deny that we are talking about a reference in backcountry fashion. And the beauty of the artist also deserves to be highlighted. Adept to the contour and a clean skin, the owner of the hit “Graveto” threw herself on the dark lipstick in a look for recording a new live DVD, last weekend. Do you want to copy Leo’s mom? Check out details of the production signed by beauty artist Eduardo Guimarães with Power Stay products from the Avon brand!

Marília Mendonça invests in purple lipstick for show

Marília Mendonça bet on a vibrant purple lipstick on her lips for the online show. From the choice on the lips, all the artist’s makeup was developed. “I always develop a more minimalist make-up for Marília, as I like to work with the enhancement of her features, making her even more beautiful and without misrepresenting who she is and her personality. We opted for something simpler, because the lipstick we used was expressive, so we managed to maintain a balance, with the mouth as the main part of the makeup “, he signaled.

Marília Mendonça bets on double base layer

After preparing the skin, Marília Mendonça applied the primer to control the shine and oiliness followed by a liquid foundation. “Marília likes that skin without the appearance of being put on, but it is not something very light, so I took advantage of the fact that the base allows building layers and applied it twice. The tip is to wait for it to dry well before applying it again,” said Eduardo Guimarães .

Marília Mendonça uses blush and powder to contour her face

Marília Mendonça’s make-up had concealer to illuminate the skin at strategic points. “I used compact powder in the T zone to seal the products. Below the eyes I used a lighter color and, on the side of the face, I applied a darker one, so the face already has a natural shade”, he explained. Eduardo Guimarães also used bronze blush around the forehead, nose, jaw and apples. The trick, according to him, is to apply gradually so as not to err in quantity.

Makeup artist Marília Mendonça gives hint about illuminator

Marília Mendonça used liquid rosé illuminator to highlight the broken. “I place it on the back of my hand and then apply it with my fingers, gently tapping the points that I want to illuminate – above the cheekbones, the center of the nose, the arch of the eyebrows and the center of the chin. photo can give a sweat reading “, he pointed out.

Marília Mendonça uses a coppery tone in her eyes

Marília Mendonça’s makeup had a pencil to define her eyebrow. “If you prefer to use specific shadows for this region, I have an incredible tip – use the moistened brush to make the color more intense and fix the product well,” said the professional. In the eyes, the beauty artist smoked a coppery tone in the root of the lashes and in the lower part of the eyes. Then, it ended with the beige illuminating the look and mascara.

(By Ana Clara Xavier)


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