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The DT spoke for Zoom, he did not confirm the team to face Argentinos Juniors this Saturday at La Paternal, but he made it clear what the premise of his game will be.

For the first time since he took office in early March, Mariano Soso starred in a live press conference answering questions from journalists. Three days after his debut and after several months of work, the 39-year-old DT spoke for Zoom, he did not confirm the team to face Argentinos Juniors this Saturday at La Paternal, but he made it clear what the premise of his game will be: “We want this San Lorenzo to generate emotion in the fan. We will try to make a brave team that plays without complexes.”

After some technical flaws, Soso tried to conceal his visible annoyance at the difficulty of listening to a question with the best predisposition, answering everything with his style. “I have the habit of confirming the team in the last training session. We still have Thursday and Friday to inform the players,” he warned. What he did advance is that Diego Rodríguez will be the captain.

He was careful not to give clues. So much so that he did not want to reveal whether Fernando Monetti will finally be the starting goalkeeper over Sebastián Torrico, before the consultation of Clarion: “I want to highlight the internal competition. Sebastián and Fernando have had parity in performance. We will finish confirming on Friday.”

Muscle injuries were present in great numbers in the last two weeks. And in relation to this, he said: “I can associate it with a great period of inactivity of the footballers. In addition, there was a methodological change in reference to what the squad had been working on. I am responsible for the planning that I carry out.” And about Coloccini’s new injury, he explained: “Fabricio suffered again and will have a more extensive process in his recovery.”

Are you satisfied with the preparation for the premiere? “We have been able to build largely aspects that have to do with the defensive, with the elaboration and with the end of the attack. We are a team under construction. The intention is to manifest different features of the team at the beginning, but this will be gradual . We are aware that we are in full development “, answered the Rosario.

At the same time, did not dodge the thorny issue of the conflict that happened with Ángel Romero’s kick that generated a fibula fracture in Andrés Herrera. “I would like to clarify that it was a very painful situation that brought unintended consequences. Angel had an action without intention to cause what happened. I interpreted that the action was excessive and based on that I established a sanction. It was agreed with the Technical Secretariat and the leadership. The most valuable thing is that we have seen this conflict not as a threat but as a possibility to strengthen internal ties. I appreciate how Angel and the group assimilated it. “

And with regard to the possibility that Angel is precisely ranked as the “9” of team a in the absence of Franco Di Santo (injured), he explained: “Angel is versatile and can occupy more than one place in the field. He has multiplicity of technical resources. It attacks space very well and also works well on the outside. It is very plastic for what one wants. “

Regarding what he will seek for his managers to reflect on the field, Soso said: “From our proposal we try to make the player seek to transcend and for that we must create conditions so that the player can live with the error and the difficulty in a healthy way. We understand the value of defending these colors and we want the player to be creative on the field. “

And he added in the same tone: “We want to be a short and compact team. We are going to a complex redoubt. But we want to impose conditions. Argentinos is a rival that has a very consolidated game model. We want to make a very good first presentation respecting what we have proposed “.

Meanwhile, he referred to the defensive problems that were seen in the last friendly, against Lanús. “Defensively, we want to recover the ball as quickly as possible. If this is not done, the team must withdraw intensively. In the last game we have undergone transitions. We are aware and we are solidifying that aspect.”

Will he play a double five? “Let’s see if we play with a single containment midfielder or with a double midfielder. It is a very strategic place on the field in our model of play,” the DT kept the mystery, who was enthusiastic about this stage of his career.

“We are very moved and excited to be at the forefront of this great project. It is an invaluable moment for our career. San Lorenzo has made Argentine football great and we want to help it continue to contribute meaningful things to this football,” said Soso.

And he put the immediate objective on the table: “I expect the tournament to be competitive. My purpose is to develop the game model and that this allows us to reach the final stages.”

Monetti; Víctor Salazar, Federico Gattoni, Alejandro Donatti, Bruno Pittón; Torito Rodríguez, Lucas Menossi; Oscar Romero, Matías Palacios, Juan Ramírez; and Ángel Romero are the eleven that are outlined in the coach’s mind according to what he has been repeating in the rehearsals and that if there are no surprises, they will be at Diego Armando Maradona at the beginning of the It was Soso.


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