Mariano Soso prepares to return after an intense quarantine

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The San Lorenzo coach, who had to isolate himself after testing positive for coronavirus, awaits the go-ahead to be able to return to practice.

The news fell like a plunge into icy waters on Mariano Soso. When on Monday, September 7, he presented lines of fever and high pressure and the swab tested positive for coronavirus, the San Lorenzo coach was invaded by the logical uncertainty of everything infected, in addition to the regret of having to miss training after having waited so long to start her cycle. The passing of the days became tedious, but you’re ready to go back. This Wednesday he will undergo rigorous studies and if all goes well he will be in charge of the team again on Thursday.

Anxiety was the main enemy to fight during the hours of confinement. He had no major symptoms once the temperature dropped, and that allowed him to forget about the pandemic virus at times and focus on work.

Because Covid-19 prevented him from being present, but he could not stop the intensity with which he usually faces his tasks. Soso remained in permanent contact with his collaborators, either via Zoom or in various telephone conversations. In fact, the telephone was his greatest ally in lonely times.

The smartphone and the laptop were his tools in the Puerto Madero department where he temporarily settled in Buenos Aires while he was looking for a permanent home. The Rosario received in his devices the audiovisual material of each work that his managers carried out on a daily basis. Sometimes it was a compact edited by the Audiovisual Department of the club commanded by Alejandro Albornoz and others, the raw material.

Its slopes, Diego Buján, Martín Wainer and Nicolás Domínguez, they made returns of what they saw in situ of each player. The same did the physical trainer, Luis Azpiazu. The tactical exercises continued to be prepared by the DT, something that consumed much of his time. Too lifted the tube to dial the number of several of your addresses and speak directly with them.

Contrary to what is usual in him, he did not give place to reading these days. And when anxiety threatened to take over his head, he would do a dribble with a phone conversation with a friend from life to escape for a little while from football and relax exchanging concepts of Indio Solari, for example.

This Wednesday it will be its tenth day after the positive and the corresponding medical check-ups will be done to confirm that the disease has not left any sequelae. If there are no major inconveniences, the 39-year-old coach will immediately join the face-to-face rehearsals at the Ciudad Deportiva.

At last he will meet again face to face with the brothers Ángel and Oscar Romero whom he has not seen since March. First, because the twins were slow to return from Paraguay, then because they had to do the 14 days of isolation, and later, when they were ready, it was Soso who had to be absent involuntarily.

In this way, he will have practically the entire group since he hopes that the weekend Nicolás Fernández and the kid will rejoin. Francisco Rivadeneira, the others who tested positive.

Soso’s concern now is to be able to make a friendly match since he considers that after six weeks of preseason his boys already need to face rivals to know where they stand. Those who had programmed with Argentinos Juniors and with Banfield have already been suspended. For this Saturday a meeting with Diego Maradona’s Gymnastics is scheduled, although if the AFA does not give the green light it will be impossible to play.



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