Singer Mariah Carey, 50, is one of the most successful artists in her home country of the United States, but her childhood has not been very rosy.

In his recent memoir The Meaning of Mariah Carey the singer makes harsh accusations about her family and especially about her sister and brother.

According to Carey, some of his earliest memories are related to violent moments that made him feel worthless. She says she developed an instinct as an infant that helped her guess when the violence came.

According to the star, he was afraid of his big brother Morganiawho was violent like their father.

Carey remembers seeing Big Brother throw their mother towards the wall. He was so horrified to see that he had not been able to move from his seat until the police arrived.

Carey claims Morgan was a “failed assassin”.

According to the singer, in 1980, a woman would have hired Morgan to kill her husband for $ 30,000. Morgan received an advance payment, but never did anything to the woman’s husband.

As an adult, Carey’s mother’s second husband threatened to destroy Carey’s career by revealing family secrets. According to Carey, Morgan informed him that he would take care of the matter and no one would know anything if Carey paid him $ 5,000.

According to British newspaper The Sun, Big Brother denies Carey’s claims.

The sister offered drugs and narcotics

Carey spares no words in his words for his sister either. She writes in her book that when she was 12, her big sister Alison fed him valium and soon after tried to offer him cocaine.

In addition, Carey says Alison tried to sell her to one of her boyfriends who acted as a mate. Carey claims Alison caused her third-degree burns by throwing hot tea on her back.

– Something in me has prevented me from developing because of all this trauma. It is therefore often say that I’m eternally 12. grappled further with that period, Carey says in his book According to ET.

Alison also disputes Carey’s allegations to The Sun Alison says she is appalled by the allegations that she has tried to sell her sister. According to the big sister, the fall of the tea into Carey’s neck was an injury.

Family as the cause of a nervous breakdown

Carey is known to have had a nervous breakdown in 2001, when she was hospitalized and later enrolled in psychiatric care.

Now, in her book, Carey rolls some of the causes of her nervous breakdown around her family’s neck, as these forced her to work for money. He describes his family members as greedy and says he had “ATM in a wig” in their eyes.

Carey writes that she had to participate in filming lasting until three in the morning and after that she gave interviews until five in the morning.

In 2001, exhausted, he fled to the house he had bought for his mother. Carey hoped to rest and recharge her batteries in the house, but she drifted into a furious quarrel with her mother. Mom called the cops who took Carey out of the house.

– I didn’t have a nervous breakdown that night, Carey writes.

– The people who were supposed to keep me whole had broken me.

Police took Carey to a treatment facility that had been described as a spa, but which he said looked more like a prison. Carey had to be there for several days.

Today, Carey has distanced himself from his big brother and sister, whom he calls his ex-brother and ex-sister.