Mariah Carey: “At 12, my sister drugged me and tried to sell me to a pimp”

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The singer recounted the most traumatic episodes of her life in a memoir that was just published.

In March of this year, singer Mariah Carey turned 50 years old. And she decided to write her memoirs, which were published this Tuesday, September 29. There the star recounts the most traumatic moments of his lifeLike when her sister Alison, 57, tried to sell her to a pimp.

“When I was 12 years old, my sister drugged me with Valium, offered me a pinky nail full of cocaine, gave me third degree burns and tried to sell me to a pimp,” said Mariah Carey, still moved by what happened to her. cross.

He also referred to his brother, Morgan, 60, with whom he also had a very bad time. He described him as a very violent person, who for years gave him great beatings.

According to her, her brothers always wanted to take advantage of her fame. Memories are “a way of saying enough.”

Says Carey: “I offer this book to release that scared girl inside of me. It’s time to give her a voice, to let her tell her story. Exactly how she experienced it.

And advance: “It has taken me a lifetime to have the courage and clarity to write my memoirs. I want to tell the story of my moments: the ups and downs, the triumphs, the traumas, the debacles and the dreams that contributed to forging the person I am today ”.

After years without knowing the true details that led Mariah Carey to separate at the time from Tommy Mottola, Sony Music executive, the singer said that he treated her “as if it were an ATM” and that one day she could not bear it anymore.

The one he speaks very well of is Jerek Deter: “It was a catalyst that helped me get out of that relationship (for Mottola), because I believed there was someone else out there for me.”

2020 has been a year of confessions for the artist. A couple of weeks ago, she had already revealed how bad it happened when in 2008, while interviewing her, Ellen DeGeneres said that she was pregnant without her consent.

“I was extremely uncomfortable at the time, is all I can say,” Carey noted of that episode.

“I was not ready to tell anyone because I had previously had an abortion,” she recalled.

“I don’t want to throw anyone under a microphone, especially someone who has already been thrown before, but I can say that I did not enjoy that moment,” he added, and also stated that he would have liked that day there was much more empathy .

During the television meeting on the DeGeneres program, the host asked the singer if she could confirm or deny the rumors that she was expecting her first child with Nick Cannon, who at the time was her husband.

While Carey laughed and tried to change the subject, Ellen kept insisting to the point that He offered her a glass of champagne to check whether or not she was pregnant.

“This is peer pressure,” Carey said, as the audience laughed, then pretended to sip from the glass. Realizing that he hadn’t really taken anything, DeGeneres yelled, “You’re pregnant!”

Then the pregnancy did not run its course because Carey had a “miscarriage.”


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