Behind the masks of MTV3’s Masked Singer Finland program, there are Finns familiar this season as well. Also sitting in the jury in his traditional style Maria Veitola invested in the Saturday period outfit in full. Veitola, who published a picture of his outfit on Instagram, seems to be wearing plastic.

The living was immediately compared on social media to the Ikea plastic bag known to Finns. The whole outfit is the same bright blue color and the stunning outfit is complemented by a bag, shoes decorated with plastic and sunglasses.

In Some, the revelation has been received with great enthusiasm. The inn is praised for throwing itself. Veitola has worked as a stylist Mint Vesala.

– Are the clothes made from Ikea bags or from the slippers that are put on your feet during the housing presentation? some inquire.

– At least for both, Veitola informs the interviewer.

You can see the picture of the outfit below or from here.

In Some, many praise the specialty of the outfit.

– Wow!

– Great wait!

– Wauh! An explosive look!

– Yes, those of your costumes and stylists do not have a lack of imagination!

The comments also recall other celebrities dressed in blue style.

– Katri Helena and Kaarina Suonperä were two and three in the blue.

– Kaarina Suonperä look-Alike.