Presenter Maria Veitola said In his Instagram he received knows about a giant tumor in his thoracic cavity in January. Tumor discovery was made in contrast imaging in December.

According to Mary, the tumor was wrapped around the esophagus, pressing on the heart as well as the diaphragm. He says the doctor had put Mary in the surgery queue.

According to the care guarantee, the surgery should be done within six months.

– But we can’t wait that long in case of sun, Maria writes the doctor said.

Maria criticized the fact that she herself had to be active and call the department throughout the spring and summer when she could have surgery.

– I have been really angry with HUS that the hospital has not had any contact with the patients in the queue. At least not to Muhu. Information I have received only when I actually called and called. It has been really hard mentally to live in fear and insecurity. Even a text message that the care guarantee is not valid and Korona has a big impact on the surgery queues would have been nice, Maria says in her Instagram.

He was not cut until October.

Support and advice rains

Now Maria Veitola has received tremendous support and advice from Some. Many of Mary’s followers are particularly surprised by the long line of surgery.

– When you want enough, contact your patient ombudsman. You should be reimbursed when you did not get treatment quickly enough.

– Sorry, what? Big tumor, probably benign, and you have to wait 9 months? I had to read many times brought the sun text and think about those months when not but matched .. An astonishingly long time to wait in uncertainty!

In addition, Maria has received favorite messages from her celebrity friends.

– Fast healing and strength. It has certainly been hard to wait for such a surgery for so long, Laila Snellman writes.

– Cheer to recovery !, wishes actor Krista Kosonen.

– No! Phew. It’s good that you now have surgery, strength and recovery !, Minka Kuustonen is amazed.

– Great that the operation was finally completed. Elias Kaskinen wishes you a speedy recovery!

– Oh, you wonderful brave strong human pride! Lots of strength and complete healing !, Sara Chafak communicates.

Iltalehti tried to reach Maria Veitola. He signaled from the hospital that he did not want to comment on his situation any further.