Maria Sid, 52, sits at ease in the lobby of a hotel in Helsinki. The woman has given interviews all day in the tube, but nowhere is there any sign of boredom let alone excitement. In the evening waiting Risto Rapper and the wrong Vincent film premiere with red carpets and long dresses. Sid has directed the film.

– Yesterday was already an inviting guest night. I saw the film for the first time on a big screen myself. Today, I am a bit euphoric state. The audience – and best of all – the viewers liked it too, Sid rejoices.

Even the film, characterized as a children’s musical thriller, is the fulfillment of Sid’s dreams in that he has always wanted to make a family film.

– In homes, everyone is using their own devices these days. This is a movie that the whole family can enjoy together, right down to their grandparents.

Swedishized Finn

Sid has been involved as both director and actor in so many films, musicals, theatrical performances and television series that he no longer even likes to read about them.

– At some point I still had a CV for which I collected them. But these days, I just look ahead, Sid says.

He has been the director of the Stockholm City Theater for more than a year, before that he was already a deputy director. With these prospects, the leader was washed to last until the end of 2022.

– Today I don’t have time to do other jobs as much as before. Sure, I’ll be directing to the theater, my next premiere is coming in December.

– and starred together in the Swedish film, but that I am involved in only six shooting date. I try to take on the jobs I can because I want to maintain my skills as an actress, the woman says.

Sid has lived full-time in Sweden for the past six years, until then he shuttled smoothly between the two countries.

Her spouse is Swedish Peter Achrén and children aged 15 and 20 also live in Stockholm. 25-year-old daughter Sid’s previous marriage is studying in Aberdeen – albeit currently away from Helsinki due to the corona.

Large boots

Sid has worked in two countries since he starred in a Swedish television series in 2008.

– I have always been very well received in Sweden. Yes, they say ‘you are the Finn’, but by no means bad.

– The Swedes like the Finn for my stern grip. The stereotype that there is a lot of talk and feedback in Sweden is true. Especially as a director and a leader, I say emphatically somewhere that decisions need to be made now instead of just talking.

To counterbalance his stiffness, Sid has learned Swedish small Talk.

– The combination of conversation and zeal is actually really working!

As a theater director, Sid has jumped into big boots and even during a difficult time. Metoo had just upset Sweden and his predecessor Benny Fredriksson committed suicide when 40 theater workers accused him of misconduct.

– As a director, I have had a firm effort to unify the organization of the Stockholm City Theater.

– There’s been everything else here. The theater underwent a major renovation and then came to Korona, Sid says.

So could a more challenging time go to such a wash? Nonetheless, Sid seems coolly calm.

– We had to cancel about five hundred events in the spring. Currently, 50 people can be admitted to the auditorium at a time. That means there are more people in the production than in the auditorium. Of course there will be a loss.

– But here you can only adapt and survive. However, as an urban theater, we have state support, private cultural operators do not, it says.

Kits in a box

Korona is the deepest crisis in cultural life that Sid has experienced during his career.

– We are constantly preparing for premieres, but there is no certainty about anything. One of the actors is always rhinitis. Every day there is a new challenge ahead.

– This is not easy. But I don’t find my life easy, Sid sums up.

He says he has taken the position of the leader in his wash so that this is now this these years and we are living with this. Sid puts himself aside and thinks primarily of the organization.

– I am available virtually 24/7. I have been given a great responsibility and I bear it with honor. When the wash ends, I do something else. But then think about it.

Sid is living strongly in the present moment. For example, he does not know and does not want to specify the best or most significant of his old works.

– I love all my roles, they are like my friends. I might sometimes even talk to my roles, have an internal dialogue with them, Sid says.

Undoubtedly, the roles in the municipalities of Karelia and in the All Sins series will become important. Sid is also remembered as the legendary Donna Paukk.

– It was an amazing role! I’m told it in Sweden. There’s a mother’s hand in how it worked. I sat with the ministers in the bath!

– The format served the people, brought politicians close to the common people. It would make sense to go back to Donna Bang someday, Sid gets excited.

However, he has not watched any episodes he did on any television series in retrospect.

– I’ll save them for retirement. I have collected a dvd-pulsed box. One has to hope that when I retire sometime, I will be able to watch DVDs on some device, Sid laughs.

Glass roofs to that end

Perhaps a little surprisingly, Sid defines himself as a shy person. But when he takes care of work matters and organizes, shyness is shed and he is also listened to.

Sid does not feel that he has broken any glass ceilings, although he has progressed in his career as a director of a prestigious theater.

– I think it’s great that both men and women achieve good positions. For me, advancing as a woman is natural, but I understand that the situation is not the same all over the world.

Sid has also not consciously tried to make himself masculine. He doesn’t pull on a chalk striped suit to get appreciation.

– Until ten, twenty years ago, it might have had to be particularly serious in order to seem credible. Fortunately, it is different now. It is enough that the work speaks for me.

In his rare free time, Sid prefers to retreat to nature – alone.

– I’m pretty boring. I walk in the woods and make phone calls.

Sid’s entire family is in Finland, but due to the coronary situation, it is difficult to meet.

– In the summer we vacationed here, but we were isolated all the time. I only saw my elderly parents outdoors. We shouted at each other’s belongings from a distance.

Risto Räppääjä and the false Vincent premiered on Friday, October 9th.