The singer María Jiménez has criticized the Government’s management during the coronavirus crisis and has assured that “it is not doing anything” to help culture. “Culture in this country matters very little from what I see. I don’t understand politics, I don’t understand, they give him up for dead “, has sentenced in an interview to Europa Press the artist, who has presented her new album My life in my way.

The singer has influenced that the Government “is doing nothing” to help artists and the world of culture to overcome the Covid-19 crisis. “It is not seen that they are doing anything”, has said.

For María Jiménez, “is not sufficient“That the Ministry of Culture launch a campaign in support of the sector.” Culture is safe and if it has stayed there as a saying, as a sticker, I think it is not enough if it has not done more than that, now we will have to promote it and do it. Why not support the culture? “, Has been asked.

On the restrictions imposed by the Executive to stop contagions, the singer has stressed that “It’s horrifying”. “I came on the train and it came almost full, the planes full and now they restrict you half the theater”, has criticized.

“How do you eat this? With the families that live from the theater, from the ticket office, the usher or the artists. Well, we have had to, culture in this country matters very little from what I see“, has lamented.

When asked if culture is sustainable with these measures, Jiménez has warned that “every day less can survive.” “Culture needs to work, compose, write, edit, make a book, make songs, make records, make performances. See if it needs culture, “he added.

Without fear but with respect to the coronavirus

On the fear that people may have to go to live shows with the coronavirus, the singer has pointed out that “fear you do not have to have anything, respect everything“and he pointed out that if people go with clean hands, with masks and if the seats are controlled separate from each other,” nothing happens there. “

The Sevillian artist has indicated that took advantage of the weeks of confinement during the first state of alarm to work on his new disk. “I was very good because I confine myself a lot to my home, I have a big house and I can stay two months without moving,” he specified.

His new album, which comes 18 years after his last job and after overcoming several health problems, It is the 19th album in María Jiménez’s career. “He identifies a lot with me, it is an autobiographical album because everything I sing there has happened to me, neither more nor less,” he commented.

In this point, the artist has assured that she is “very happy, very happy” with her new work because he has sung it “very well” and “with a lot of desire”. “I feel like a child with new shoes,” he said.

The singer, who has ensured that she has no “thorn at all” nailed by having left something undone in her life, stressed that his way of life is “free and wild” and that he is “very excited” to do performances again live when the coronavirus passes, although he can no longer dance due to a foot problem.

“My career has changed in that I can no longer dance, is the only thing that has changed. My foot has become equine and I cannot dance, but I can sing sitting down and I enjoy a jartá, “he said.

“As there are no performances I am going to prepare another album”

Despite having overcome serious health problems, María Jiménez has highlighted that from the music “no one withdraws, unless your voice goes wrong”. “What I can’t do is dance, but I can sing. Therefore I’m going to be a singer and as with the coronavirus there are no performances I’m going to start preparing another album“has advanced.

Regarding her health problems, the artist recalled that she left thinking about recovering. “I have a very good character and I am a very good patient, I recovered immediately. Fifteen days later I was already wanting to have fun “, he commented.

Finally, he explained that being an artist “is a gift that God gives you”. “With that one is born, you can learn a lot of technique but you will never be able to transmit. If you transmit it is that God has given you the handful of salt and it has fallen on you. Being an artist is different “, he pointed out.

Along the same lines, Jiménez has pointed out that Being an artist is “not getting tired of the road, not eating, not having money to continue working and keep traveling with little money and little gas. “” That is being an artist. With a full stomach you can’t sing “, he concluded.