Mari Gonzalez changes the look and surprises with blonde hair: ‘The new Mari is on’

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Mari reveals 12 hours in motel with Jonas Sulzbach: ‘Nonstop’

In a recent live participation by Otaviano Costa, Mari Gonzalez gave details of her intimate life with Jonas Sulzbach. Also in the chat, the singer Gabi Martins asked her friend what was the record time that the couple made love. “In the beginning it was all the time,” said the ex-panicat, one of the darlings of the “BBB20”. “Sometimes we hibernated from Friday to Sunday in the apartment she lived in and only in bed, the whole weekend,” added the model. Mari recalled that, in a certain situation, the two stayed in bed for 12 hours, without the right to rest: “But once I remember we went to the motel, we arrived around 3:00 am, 4:00 am and stayed until 5:00 pm without stopping, without eating “.

‘I think sex is very important. We connect ‘

But this is not the first time that Mari Gonzalez speaks openly about sex in the relationship. For the influencer, active sexuality is important for a healthy relationship. “Obviously there are times when we are not in tune, and we have to respect the will of the other. But I think sex is very important. It is when we connect, connect again”, commented the former BBB. “That eye in the eye, that kiss, that connection. The maximum level of love is sexual intercourse,” agreed Jonas.

(By Rahabe Barros)


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