The illusions and optimism of the last few days after the announcements of several laboratories such as Pfizer and Moderna about the effectiveness of their vaccines to end the coronavirus have come to a halt this Tuesday after the statements of Margarita del Val, a prestigious virologist from the CSIC that, far from nurturing that optimism, has poured a jug of cold water. “I still don’t see any light”, has pointed out.

The Spanish producer of Moderna’s vaccine assures that “the manufacturing process will not take more than a month”

In an interview in The Ana Rosa Program, has assured that, although “a little progress has been made”, it is not “a product that fixes the life of any person” since its effectiveness only serves for mild and moderate cases and in no case for serious cases. “This is not a product that we need at all, it is a small step”, has stated outright.

As he explained live, what has been proven in laboratories is that it reduces mild symptoms such as coughing. “It does not guarantee what we are really interested in, that it protects from serious symptoms and death,” he reiterated, so “it does not solve anything.” That is why, more than excited, she has felt “annoyed” that these details have not been made publicly.

Aware of what his words imply after long-awaited announcements about the possibility of finally having a vaccine to help curb the pandemic, he has revealed his long experience in vaccines to show that this is not an unfounded opinion: ” I’m sorry I’m so pessimistic I’ve been on vaccines all my life, and this doesn’t convince me at all“, has sentenced.