Margaret Thatcher and Lady Di will raise the temperature of the Crown 4

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On Sunday 15th, the fourth season of this series about British royalty arrives on Netflix. How the new characters will be, by Gillian Anderson and Emma Corrin.

While fans of The Crown are used to the constant change of actors, the premiere of the fourth season, which will be on November 15 on Netflix, has two highly anticipated additions: Gillian Anderson as Margaret Thatcher and Emma Corrin as Diana Spencer.

The ten new episodes have two central stories. On the one hand, the political, with demonstrations and military conflict and, on the other, the rush of the royal family to get prince charles a wife.

The season begins in 1979, with the coming to power of the woman who became British Prime Minister, and ends in 1990, amid multiple family problems that years later would lead to the end of the marriage heir to the crown.

Anderson’s Thatcher makes her appearance in chapter one before becoming the political leader of the country. Like other actors, Anderson’s physical transformation, already seen in the trailers, is surprising. Beyond the wig and makeup that achieved a great resemblance to the true character, there is immense acting work.

The interpreter achieves a slow and brittle tone of voice that reflects the age of the woman. That becomes Thatcher’s only weakness. With looks and gestures he creates an extremely cold and decisive character.

The synopsis already advanced that the fourth part reflects the tense relationship between Elizabeth II (Olivia Colman) and Thatcher. However, the first meeting between the monarch and politics goes better than they expected. Elizabeth is eager to be able to work with a woman and Thatcher discovers that the queen is a more interesting and informed person about her country than she thought.

That feeling of teamwork does not last long. The second meeting takes place in one of the royal properties, where the lawyer attends with her husband and both are in charge of marking the differences between them, coming from a working class and the royal family.

The woman is a political animal that despite the fact that all her ministers oppose several of her measures, his pulse does not tremble when privatizing state-owned companies and applying a strong monetarist policy. From the first minute he proposed to make a radical change in the country. The way will cost you clashes with people from your own party, the queen and the citizens.

Her role in the State is combined with her life as a wife, and household chores, such as ironing and taking apart her husband’s suitcases, things that in the first chapters of the series she has no intention of stopping doing.

The entrance of Diana, perhaps the character most required by the public, makes us wait a little longer. Corrin was chosen by the directors to put herself in the shoes of Lady Di. It is about an almost unknown actress, who probably when The Crown landing on Netflix to become one of the most coveted.

After studying theater at Cambridge, have a small part in the series Grantchester (2019) and be part of few chapters of Pennyworth, plays a shy 18-year-old girl who helps in a kindergarten and works part time cleaning the house of her sister, Sarah Spencer.

The future princess appears disguised as a tree, hidden behind a flowerpot. This is the first meeting with Prince Charles. Although it seems somewhat casual, it was planned by Diana, who, as Sarah reveals, I was obsessed with meeting him.

Carlos realizes that Diana has everything that her family has been asking for a partner. That she has good manners and that people like her. The series shows when he calls her on the phone for the first time and asks her out..

While social and political tensions are on the rise due to the measures of Thatcher, who ends up leading the country to the Falklands War, this romance that begins as almost perfect, the people fall in love and distract them at certain moments from the reality they live.

The chapters illustrate the fairy tale that Diana begins to live and the love of the people who follow her every place she goes. After proving to the royal family that she can become the wife they want, she takes place the wedding that was seen by 750 million people, a record number that demonstrated the acceptance that it had Lady Di among citizens.

But the conflicts in the marriage are not long in coming and, while Diana struggles with health problems, Prince Charles resumes his relationship with Camila Parker, the woman he always wanted, but was never allowed to be with.



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