Marek Smrek: Work as work, it’s motorsport!

The Haas F1 team continues to introduce fans to their employees and this time introduced Marek Smrek, the technician who works in the garage and is responsible for handling tires designed for Roman Grosjean.

Marek Smrek: “On the track, I deal with rubber for Roman’s car, and also participate in the arrangement of boxes and setting up the equipment so that everything is done as it should and is ready to go.

Before the sessions, we prepare the tires and must make sure that they are warmed up to the right temperature, and they can be installed on the car so that by the time it has to leave the track, everything is in perfect order.

Usually we communicate by radio, engineers tell us what kind of rubber kit we need now, and we also have a table where it is indicated which kit should be next. Basically, the tasks are assigned to us by engineers, and we must follow their instructions.

I have been working in motorsport for 15 years, at one time I worked with teams participating in touring, then in endurance races, where I dealt with sports prototypes of the LMP2 and LMP1 classes, at some point I worked in the European and world GT championships – in GT3 was engaged in Mercedes cars, in GT4 – McLaren.

What I love about our job is the ability to travel. Besides, I communicate with a lot of good people – in general, work is like work, it’s motorsport! “



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