Marcus Rashford, the member of the British Empire who fights to keep kids from starving during the holidays

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Faced with the “no” of politicians to continue delivering daily meals, the Manchester United and National Team player is the leader of a campaign with thousands of solidarity businesses.

Marcus Rashford is one of Manchester United’s millionaire stars and a member of the British national football team, but he has not forgotten his poor childhood, with little food. Neither the historical ones “soup kitchen” from the Wythenshawe neighborhood, where he grew up and where his mother went to feed the family. Thus was born his decision to promote, in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic, the provision of food for children who could not go to school or who were on vacation and without that free food. Boris Johnson ignored it for 48 hours, but the effect on social media was such that the British Prime Minister should have given.

Queen Elizabeth decorated him as a Member of the Order of the British Empire (MBE) at age 22. Marcus continued his campaign and got an immense adhesion in the kingdom. Until the House of Commons voted against a Labor motion to give three meals to poor British kids on vacation. Once again, politicians ignored the effect of their “No“and they did not perceive the magnetism of Marcus’s campaign or his social model.

Faced with this refusal, at least 100 organizations have offered to deliver free meals to students during the upcoming holidays. This is how they seek to accompany Marcus Rashford’s move to end child poverty.

As of this Friday, 420,000 people supported Rashford’s petition. The government provided vouchers of food at Easter and in the summer, but refuses to continue to do so on the next holidays, when the second wave of the pandemic rages voraciously in the kingdom, especially in the north.

Following Thursday’s vote against the Labor motion in the House of Commons, Rashford encouraged everyone who wanted to join to tweet him, under the hashtag #endchildfoodpoverty, and he would retweet them. He was stunned by the support he received.

Pubs, restaurants, cafes, sandwich shops, catering companies, and food chains all volunteered to feed the boys. The company McDonalds is going to deliver 1 million plates of food to British children. Even taxi drivers offered free rides to food banks, and a wedding dress boutique began packing lunches for pickup.

Pearson Bar, in Hull, offered as many free lunches as possible for those sending messages of need, under complete anonymity. Castle Beach Café, in Falmouth, advised that families who had free food in schools could go and ask for “the lunch bag” for the children, like “The Farm Fresh Market”, in Nottingham.

EJB Buffets and Banquets, in Birmingham, wrote: “If there are families who are suffering on this holiday, we offer lunch packages every day to make things a little easier. We are going to offer to deliver and pick them up.

Many of these offers were in areas with complete confinement, due to Covid-19.

The municipalities of Liverpool, Greater Manchester, Wigan and Doncaster were among those that offered support for the boys, as well as London neighborhoods such as Lambeth, Redbridge, Fulham and Hammersmith.

A mail from a community organization in Birkenhead enlisted 17 local businessmen, who promised to get involved.

Many of the messages sent to the Manchester United player were very political and openly critical of the vote of the deputies, who rejected an extension of free school meals, during the school holidays, until Easter 2021. The “No” had 322 votes, against 261 for the “Yes”.

Once again, the Rashford campaign put British politicians under pressure. Those who refused to feed the kids in England and on Christmas holidays are going to have to change their minds.

A single mother from Wythenshawe, Manchester, who was working to support her son, wrote to Marcus to express her gratitude for being a role model for the youth. A dream for your son. Marcus responded and today he personally takes care of this 16-year-old boy, who has entered a football academy and monitors his progress.

“As a black boy from Wythenshawe, I never imagined that I would accept an MBE at 22,” Rashford said. It is a very special moment for me and my family. But particularly for my mother, who is the one who really deserves to receive this honor ”.

Rashford is not going to stop in front of Boris Johnson or the House of Commons vote. The Manchester United star could have rejected the MBE in a rebellious gesture, but his decision is to work with the government and persuade it to feed the innocent with no advantage in life.


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