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Marcus Rashford (22) does not rest on his laurels. Now he is pushing Prime Minister Boris Johnson & co further for free school meals.

It is only a week since the Manchester United star received the honorary MBE from the Queen as a thank you for his work for vulnerable children during the corona crisis.

Now he has Rashford posted where he asks to expand the scheme of free food at school.

The goal is for the authorities to extend the period with free food vouchers at the school until after Christmas. Among other things, Rashford asks that the children get free food also during the school holidays.

The campaign has already received hundreds of thousands of signatures.

But the United favorite has already faced opposition from No. 10 Downing Street – Prime Minister’s Office:

– It is not up to the schools to hand out food to the students during the school holidays, is the response from Boris Johnson’s spokesperson, according to.

Rashford responded to this statement on Twitter with an ironic “Merry Christmas, children”, and where the football player also claims that there has been a 250 percent increase in poverty when it comes to food, and that this is constantly increasing.

Earlier this summer, the government had to make a U-turn and say yes to free food after pressure from, among others, Marcus Rashford.


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