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The forward excelled in the Champions League while volunteering to collect food for the boys amid a devastated economy.

Marcus Rashford, the Manchester United striker, is at the center of the political scene in Great Britain, for his confrontation with the Government over the delivery of free food for children in the midst of Covid-19. And it’s at the center of the football scene, because converted three of the five goals from 5 to 0 of his team against German Leipzig, for the Champions League.

At Old Trafford, the game was stuck because the locals barely won 1-0, with a Greenwood goal. But the final 16 minutes were lethal, with Rashford’s three included.

The forward entered at 17 minutes and at 29 (he ran 50 meters to define only against the goalkeeper) and at 33 he punished for 3 to 0. And after Martial’s quarter, from a penalty, Rashford himself sentenced the result with another goal in the discount. And he took the ball.

Manchester United leads in Group H with 6 points, after 2 to 1 at PSG in Paris and this defeat at Leipzig. And Rashford has a lot to do with it.

From his social networks, Rashford got hundreds of cafes, supermarkets, restaurants, municipalities, churches, businesses and ordinary people to come together to donate free food to British children during school holidays and at Christmas.

An action that the government of Boris Johnson resists, to the point that a Labor motion that went in that direction was defeated in Parliament last week.

The gesture sparked a wave of outrage in the UK and solidarity with the campaign of this 22-year-old who, quietly and without divism, is forcing the government to vote again in the House of Commons. Meanwhile, with his mother, work as a volunteer in a supermarket packing food. All without stopping playing and being the fifth most expensive footballer in Europe, valued at 152 million euros.

Rashford’s request, who grew up in the north of the kingdom in a starving childhood, is very simple: urge the government to make a 180-degree turn and fund the free meals during school holidays, Christmas and until Easter 2021.

For many children, the meals they receive at school are their only food. And more in the middle of the pandemic, when unemployment increases and the cut in social benefits.

From sportsman to statesman, Marcus’s career as a social leader is meteoric. He has already received the order of MBE (Member of the British Empire) and is at the forefront of a new world, where the solidarity and the social responsability it will be part of the new normal.

You can be a millionaire like Marcus and supportive and go through the rivalries of the sport for a good end. Along the same lines, Leeds United players donated £ 25,000 to school meal drives. His gesture was worth for other Leeds fans to join the campaign and for Raheem Sterling, Manchester City forward, worth 180 million euros on the market, will launch his own foundation inspired by him.


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