Marcos Mion counters criticism for scolding Narizinho in ‘A Fazenda 12’: ‘I obey orders’

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Marcos Mion caused controversy during the formation of the Roça in “A Fazenda 12”, this Tuesday night (29). Even before Jojo Todynho’s fury attack on Biel, the reality presenter criticized Carol Narizinho’s stance as the Farmer. “Here is a game of coexistence and, in good terms, there is no society that survives in harmony without rules and a leader with an example of conduct, both in coexistence and in the treatment of animals. Only then can the leader who sets the example demand from the others (…) The farmer must live up to what is expected of his position and it was clear that Carol was the opposite of what I said “, he shot, shocking the ex-panicat, Rodrigo Moraes’ replacement in the job of the week .

Marcos Mion reveals that scolding was the reality director’s decision

Marcos Mion’s criticism of Carol Narizinho’s leadership gave rise to talk on social networks and internet users placed the tag “Narizinho Deserves Respect” among the most commented subjects on Twitter. This Wednesday morning (30), the presenter decided to speak out about the attacks he has been receiving after a speech against the paoa. “Wow guys, there is no point attacking me! You are ‘killing the messenger’! The whole text of yesterday related to Carol was ordered and approved by the program’s management. It is not a personal message, my opinion. The management wanted to pass on this message , because he deemed it necessary “, he explained.

‘Consider celebrating punishments in disagreement with the Farmer’

With plans to put more “fire in the hay” with Jogo da Discórdia, Marcos Mion also justified that the scolding directed at Carol Narizinho was an alert for future pedestrians who wish to assume the most coveted position of “A Fazenda 12”. “They are the owners of the game and considered the attitude of releasing punishments and celebrating when they arrive, in disagreement with the position of a farmer at that moment when they have no assistance from the production. They wanted to give the message to everyone, using her example. Aiming for order “, he continued.

Marcos Mion calls for an end to attacks: ‘I obey orders’

To conclude, Marcos Mion called for an end to criticism against him and guaranteed that he only “receives orders”. “Do not panic me because it is neither my opinion nor my decision. I obey orders. It is not fair to attack me as if I freaked out and decided to interfere in the game. The owners of the game who make the rules and who rule. I cannot refuse to pass on a message from whoever controls the game! “, he added, who is commanding the attraction from a distance.

See Marcos Mion’s moment and outburst:


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