Marco: Own motor is an advantage

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At the end of next season, Honda will leave Formula 1 and two teams – Red Bull Racing and AlphaTauri will be left without engines. While negotiations on supplies with Renault are ongoing, Red Bull consultant Helmut Marko is preparing a backup plan – to continue using Honda engines, especially since the Japanese company offers such an option, servicing them at its base, but for this it is necessary that the regulations be frozen – to finalize power plants on a par with manufacturers in Red Bull will not be able to.

Helmut Marko: “We could take Honda motors and cook them at our base in Milton Keynes. But this is only possible if, after the first race in 2022, the regulations are frozen. We need to get a decision from the FIA ​​on this matter as soon as possible in order to start negotiations with Honda. We have several back-up buildings and warehouses in Milton Keynes where we could do this.

Your own motor is an advantage. All manufacturers have their own team – and they assemble the chassis and engine as one. We’re also building the chassis around the powerplant, so we’d prefer to keep the Honda engine. But this requires certain conditions, in particular – freezing the regulations for motors from 2022 “.



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