Pink ribbon in Dancing with the Stars broadcast Marco Bjurström spoke touchingly about his brother who died in the spring. His brother Janek Bjurström ill with stomach cancer.

Janek owned his wife Laura Apukan and Marco with two Pompier restaurants in Helsinki. Laura continued as a restaurateur after Janek’s death, and Marco has been his support.

Painful memories

Bjurström recalled in a live broadcast the moment he heard about his brother’s illness. One would not have wanted to believe what had happened at that time.

– But then it realizes that it’s true. While terribly trying to snatch, it pretty quickly realized that there was no going back from this, that this went pretty fast, Bjurström noted.

In the middle of his speech, Bjurström broke into tears.

– It’s awful, it’s awful, he said.

In his touching speech, Bjurström recalled how his brother felt lucky to have time to prepare his close circle for his own death.

– Janek himself said that he is a lucky boy. We started talking and he started giving a lot of instructions on how to act, Bjurström recalled.

– yes Janek had to take good care of the fact that we realize that we need to continue life, and he wants to see something there that we paddles on ahead and not passed on. And that’s how we try, of course, but this day has been terrible.

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